Oooops, there goes my camera.


Link Posted 29/03/2019 - 17:19
Have been away for a few days and took the K-1 and a few lenses. Went to a local bird hide, put the camera on the shelf in front of me with the 150-450mm attached, turned round to get something out of my bag and heard a loud bang as the camera and lens hit the bench I was sitting on, followed by another as it then fell again onto the floor. Looks like I caught them with my jacket as I turned.

Camera is actually unmarked and so is the lens and everything seems to work just fine but I have popped a strut on the rear screen. Looks like there is a fix on Pentaxforums, just building up the courage.

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I hope you can fix it, and nothing else is damaged!


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Scary, let us know how you get on.

Just make sure you never drop it with a flash attached - it'll snap the hotshoe right off!
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Good luck with it...
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Similar happened to me in a hide with a K50 + Sigma 150-500, resting on the shelf when some prat lifted the flap and knocked them to the floor! Not a mark luckily, just shows how robust they are. Good luck with fixing the strut.


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Ooooh dear that's most vexing but testament nevertheless to the robustness of the Pentax K1.

I feel sure though that it will be a relatively easy fix.

Fingers crossed and good luck.
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Ouch, that hurts!
Hope you manage to fix it!


Link Posted 07/04/2019 - 22:20
Well it turned out to be a fairly easy fix, pull the rubber away, remove 4 small screws (as usual I managed to lose one but found it wedged in between the rubber) and then remove the rail. place the leg back in and then screw it all back.

Works fine now ... had that been my D500 I think it would have been a totally different story.
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Cool story, sad but has a happy ending.


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Phew, glad you had a happy ending!
Internet is grand sometimes isn't it?


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It could have been a lot worse....
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