One for the LX users


Link Posted 19/01/2014 - 10:31
I think you need to be using an LX and an AF400T flash (or a Hotshoe Grip) for this to be any use and I haven't got an LX any more.

On the other hand you can't conveniently use an LX with a 400T unless you have one of these or its hotshoe equivalent (*) so probably if you have the camera and flash you will have the lead already. Catch 22?

However if there is a collector out there who could actually use this LX specific three contact flash lead, as opposed to flogging it to the gullible on ebay at a silly price, then any reasonable offer will do.

* I have one of those too but if I let it go my 400T will be absolutely useless to me. Currently it doesn't seem to want to work on batteries so maybe close to useless anyway. OK on mains power though!
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