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Hi all... I don't tend to take many pictures of humans, so here are some, from the various places I've been to with work over the last year and a half or so. All Pentax K1/K1II, various lenses.

1. Cutting Edge Sculpture, Sheffield

2. Plymouth Hoe

3. Rhyl Seafront

4. 11th Night Bonfire building, Belfast

5. Blackpool

6. Lancing

7. Meadows, Edinburgh

8. Belfast City Centre

9. Milton Keynes

10. Rhyl

11. Birmingham City Centre

All thoughts, comments, observations etc very welcome as ever...




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Excellent set,
Works really well, as much for their disparate qualities as their common thread.
Well conceived and executed.

First one is just gorgeous,
As is 7, Works so well, within the set as a whole.
Keep them coming.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Tremendous set. Why don't I see these possibilities !!

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Another great set.
The ones that particularly appeal to my eye are Nos 1 waiting till the figure was bang in the right place, 2 great use of a very flat grey sky, 5 leading lines, diagonal cutting through the horizontals, 9 for its quirkiness, 10 the light, the framing knocks it out the park.

I hope you get some of these printed.


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thingsthatihaveseen wrote:

All thoughts, comments, observations etc very welcome as ever...

You get around a lot

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That is not Birmingham City centre, more like the outskirts. Too much greenery for the centre.
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Excellently observed, no. 10 is my favourite.


Link Posted 25/11/2018 - 19:58
Magazine quality - superset - all “my favourite”


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What a great job! Amazing set. I love all the pictures.
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A great set Bill - like 'em all! Even the 'grey' ones really stand out.


Link Posted 26/11/2018 - 10:30
A different theme from you Bill that's well photographed and presented. 1, 8, 9 & 11 stand out for me with number 8 being my choice pick based on the slight movement of the lady. For some reason, when I looked at number 9, all that came to mind was "Harry Brown".

Always good to see variation and these all demonstrate that you have an eye for an image, keep them coming.

Best regards


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A diverse set, from which I would single out 2 and 10 as compositional favourites. There is also a call/response thing happening between the flags and poles in 2 and the birds and upright elements in 10. 3 and 5 form a beautiful pair, in their colour treatment (which is really something you are very good at in general) as well as in their depicting two different states of sand/concrete. 4 fits in quite nicely between them colour/perspective wise, and also the human construction from natural materials.

Most of all, it is the subtlety of human presence which makes those shots stand out for me.


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Great set of images Bill.. Different as has been pointed out already...

Here's my twopeneth's worth....

Dont understand the crop on Milton Keynes...!! The interest for me is the bloke with the umbrella under the bridge... No need for whats above... But its your image and I respect that..

Like Blackpool..! But I would I am from the north...lol But would like to see a touch more blur to the steps, as the water by their side has been smoothed.. And direct the eye straight to the pier..

Rhyl.. Like this a lot.. Would love to see BW version...

Belfast. Prefer lady walking into the image rather than out of it....!

To end I love the Plymouth Hoe shot.. Which I would duely copy if it wasn't so bloody far away...!!
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Great set! Thank you for sharing!



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Some well seen shots there, great stuff!
John K
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