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I would like a step by step instruction on how to use my old zoom lens from my film camera on my K100D, I understand that it will be manuel mode only but would like to know what to set up to use it to its full potential, many thanks for your time if you should wish to enlighten me.
J Dunkley

George Lazarette

Link Posted 30/04/2007 - 14:34
A. The answer to your question will depend on what "old lens" you are using, so please provide that information.

B. Alternatively, read pages 186 to 188 of the manual. But if you are not proficient in Japlish, go back to A.

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the lens in question is a Vivitar 75-205 1.38 58mm zoom with close focusing it as baynet fitting same as my new camera, I was wondering what I have to set to be able to use it.
J Dunkley


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How to get it working:

Find the "using aperture ring" setting in the custom functions menu and set it to "permitted" (I'm looking at a *istDL2 so the exact name of the function may be different, but it will be something like that). You will probably also want to set "Preview method" to "Optical Preview", which will help with metering in manual mode.

This will allow you to fire the shutter with your old lens mounted.

It will work thusly:

With the main dial anywhere except M, the camera will function in aperture priority automatic mode with the lens wide open (the aperture ring will have no effect). This is useful for fast action where you need fast shutter speeds combined with the convenience of automatic exposure.

With the main dial in M, you get hypermanual mode, initially with no metering. You have two options as follows:

1. engage depth of field preview. The lens will stop down and you get a light meter reading as long as you keep the preview switch engaged. Proceed as per normal M mode.

2. hit the "exposure lock" button (or the green button if there is one, but I think it's tied to exposure lock on the K100D). The camera will stop down to the currently selected aperture, take a reading, set a suitable shutter speed and open up again.

Note that Shake reduction will be a bit of a pain with an old lens like this one. When you turn the camera on with an old lens mounted and SR turned on, you get a menu from which you pick the focal length. This is fine with a prime, with your zoom it means going through the menu every time you zoom. Since I don't have any old zooms which I use with my K10D I can't say for sure what the best strategy is, but I would be inclined to set SR to the longest focal length (210mm) and just turn it off if you zoom out a significant amount.

hope this helps
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