Pentax PKA Zeiss 2.8/28mm Wide Angle Lens


Link Posted 30/04/2007 - 10:29
Hi, does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this lens and how it compares to the Pentax equivalent?
Any comments welcomed -Steve


Link Posted 30/04/2007 - 10:58
I haven't used that specific lens but the CZJ lenses in PK, PKA and PKAF mounts were made under licence in Japan. The exact manufacturer seems to have varied.

My Dad has a CZJ 70-300 in PKA mount which from its styling appears to have been made by Tokina, so it might be reasonable to assume that the 28 in question is also a Tokina in disguise.

The long zooms I have from this line are of good quality (~equivalent to the Pentax 80-320) and although that is no guarantee that the wide angles will be good, I'd be quite surprised if its bad.
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