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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for opinions, etc, but my local town are in the Welsh Premier Football League and I’m about to start discussions to be their official photographer for the upcoming season (I've done a few jobs for them recently and taken match photos over the last few years).
I’ve got a meeting with the chairman soon to discuss the finer details such as payment options, and I'm looking for a bit of advice beforehand.
I was thinking of mentioning two price lists, one for being freelance ‘as and when needed’ and a different one if I am to be ‘employed’.
I’d rather the ‘employed’ option as it would mean regular work.
But, this opens up a few different questions, ie, copyright (I’d like to retain it, but if I’m employed as the official photographer then I might not) and how many images I supply to them. But, the biggest question is how much to charge...?
I’ll almost certainly include social media versions for the club as well as high res versions for them to use (for advertising, match programmes, etc). Plus I’ll email the best pics to the local paper and the Welsh Premier for their website.
Any opinions and thoughts greatly appreciated, thanks 😁


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I wouldn't expect a huge amount of money, watching Sgorio on S4C from time to time you can see the attendances are pretty low at the ground and even the great TNS doesn't attract huge crowds - having Shrewsbury, the Mighty Wrexham and the premiership teams on the doorstep.

As TNS are rather dominant and the 'major' clubs non-league are in North Wales, and more interest in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport and the rugby regions in the south I don't know what the demand is for a SW club is. I wouldn't know who to point you towards for advice.

Good luck with your endeavours! You know where my flag is tied, difficult to accept 20 years ago we were the top welsh club and 25 years ago last played in Europe. Pinning my hopes on Ruthin Town or Denbigh Town winning the Welsh Cup.
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I doubt a salary structure would work, as Ilovesaabs says I doubt the pay would reflect a reasonable annual income and as you mention the copyright would likely be retained by the club. Also it restricts you from other activities, you may find the experience leads to other photographic opportunities in other sporting events for instance. An annual retainer might be the way to go with attendance to a defined number of matches and events, plus a charge for other work. There are organisations for professional photographers who may be able to advise: link link

Good luck!


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A big thank you to both of you 👍

I'm not expecting a huge amount, and they have said that I can have a pitch-side advertising board and an advert in the program for free. But, I would rather payment.

Let's wait and see 😁
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But Its football...!! "How can you say no....?"
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stub wrote:
But Its football...!! "How can you say no....?"

Well, I could until I "pass on" (AND "thereafter!").

OTOH, if football is "your thing", then "go for it"
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Don't tell me you're in Barry and up the road from me!
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