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I was just pointing out a fact, not complaining for goodness sakes. It's not an issue, so don't make it one.


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FWIW, if photos are uploaded with the longest side 1000 pixels, the site doesn't resize them - fact! But they may get scaled by your browser software.
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SteveLedger wrote:
OK, so where's the problem?
At the end of the day the choice is ours. No-one forces us to use their free services.

Perfectly true. I was merely sounding out opinions. Does anyone think that the absorption of flickr into a much larger and powerful media and telecomms conglomerate is sufficiently worrying to make one think about leaving flickr in favour of some other free photo-image service?

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The straight answer to that Martin is "No" - for the reasons I've already given. I think all such services probably have broadly similar T&Cs anyway.
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if you use Flickr just as a free cloud storage then why not restrict the view to family? I suspect most allow public view for the feedback and the warm rosy glow of a 'like'. From what I can see of the site's copyright rules, which come under the Yahoo umbrella, your copyright is protected as long as you haven't opted for 'Creative Commons' use. Yahoo copyright infringement team only get involved if another member claims your photo as their own and you must have a solid case and also not disabuse the other member (it could be an honest mistake - really?). They also point out the risk of legal costs if the other person fights the claim, which the cynical might take as a veiled threat.

Flickr has abandoned it's attempt to set up a licensing facility but I suppose a link on your profile to your own website is ok. To minimise the risk of unauthorised use there are a couple of things you can do, like adding a copyright to the image, and maybe posting very small images of limited commercial value and say larger images are available if contacted. Plastering a watermark all over would be effective but a bit counterproductive.
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I recall a number of years ago Yahoo trying to monetise content in Flickr by teaming up with Getty and Getty asked members if they would like to sell their photos through Getty. I don't think that happens any longer.

Most of these t and c's are taken out of context like the Facebook one which said whilst using the platform or words to that effect.

I don't think Flickr has much of a future to be honest given the rise of instagram.
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