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Sorry if this is the wrong place but this is not an item for sale but a question about putting things up for sale.

Over the last few weeks I have seen a number of cameras and electricals being sold on this forum,at the same time I have sold over on the bay a number of my kids old toys. When I take them into the post office for postage I am asked so many questions and told I must not post anything with electrical circuits and batteries.

My question is how do you all post your sold items, do you lie to the postman or is there a certain method that it is not an issue?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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You can send electrical items with batteries but they must be inserted inside the electrical item you are sending.

More information about what is allowed to send and what not, click here:link


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The issue is regarding lithium batteries. There is a leaflet detailing prohibited goods, but basically the lithium battery can be installed in an item, the item must be switched off and secured so it cannot be accidentally switched on.

I sold a magnesium wire flash on eBay and had to remove the wire because flammable metals aren't allowed either. I would have done that anyway, regulations or not.


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Amazon seem to be using an alternative carrier now. Just had a K-01 from them delivered by Hermes. Service wasn't bad either; despatched Sunday mid-day and received 9.30am Monday morning.

Marselus wrote:
You can send electrical items with batteries but they must be inserted inside the electrical item you are sending.

More information about what is allowed to send and what not, click here:link

New cameras do not have the battery installed in any event. The link referred to states
Lithium ion/polymer/metal/alloy batteries are allowed when sent with or contained in/connected to an electronic device, but are subject to packaging, volume and quantity restrictions. Please see

That indicates batteries can be packed separately in the package but not sent in isolation.

John K
John K
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I know that many (if not all) manufacturers dont connect batteries to their devices but i was told last time i was posting something that i can send batteries but they have to be installed in device i am sending. I thing i was sending mp3 player where battery cannot be removed.


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There are lots of etailers who appear to be ignoring the rules and sending lithium batteries out on their own through Royal Mail. Apparently Royal Mail is contacting likely suspects and warning them that action may be taken against them if they persist.

Personally I can't see the need for a ban at all, particularly as you can still send them by carrier albeit at a higher cost, however given that the ban exists I would like to see a clampdown on rogue traders who are competing unfairly against those honest traders who 'play by the rules'.


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No risk is ever zero, but the idea that a sealed and boxed lithium camera battery is too dangerous to send by mail is pretty absurd IMHO.

Larger lithium cells, or banks of them, are a different issue, as aircraft manufacturers have become very aware.
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It is a shame as in so many ways - RM provide a fantastic service but I have started using Hermes for 'normal' UK packages.

Cheaper than Royal Mail - easier than Royal Mail - no stupid rules on what constitutes a 'small package' vs a 'medium package' or 'normal' letter vs 'large letter' etc. I got sick to death of standing in the post office arguing about price because the staff did not understand their own rules - reached the point that I carried a print out of their own rules to show them!!

That said I still use RM for SD items and am saddened by what is happening to RM.

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Thank goodness I don't live in Europe anymore. Just struggle along in Thailand. Sorry for the messed up posts John. Regards Ian
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Don't laugh - but recently, Cathay Pacific's GSA here in the UK refused to uplift my courier bags because (wait for it!!...) the X-RAY MACHINE identified 2 Li-ion button batteries that are about the same size as a hearing-aid battery! I have the batteries sitting here in my desk drawer at my office.

Memo to all terrorist organisations - forget shoe bombs, rucksack bombs, etc... A couple of Duracells should do the trick!!


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Flying to Norway I had to take my camera, all my lenses and my spare lithium batteries out of their bag and put them through security separately.
First time I've had to take everything out, but the spare batteries regularly get checked to make sure they are packed properly and can't short. Mine are in two 3-d printed holders and absolutely as safe as they can be.
You are not allowed lithium batteries in hold luggage either.

Since much post is flown around nowadays I can understand the concerns about lithium batteries being unmarked in a package.
SRS stuck a label on the package to me stating it contained lithium batteries.


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This is very strange.

I took my camera bag through airport security with 4 camera batteries (two installed and two in a sealed pocket) as well as a pack of Li-ion batteries (retail packed) in another pocket.

No one batted an eyelid.

Oh, they were all sent by normal post to me, too...
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It really is getting a tad strange trying to reconcile the various practices and the relevant rules and regs

Flying by Aer Arann -about to do my 5th round trip this year - 2 Airports and so far I've had no problems .

K-30 with battery in and one spare charged battery in a little ThinkTank case [which takes it and in the pocket beside it a USB PenDrive which I share with a friend as the easiest way to pass him Photos] all in my Camera bag.

Camera bag [open] goes in the tray through the machine and, I think, twice has been swabbed . Camera bag goes with me on the plane even with a small case counting as my Cabin Bag [ Aer Arann are very nice that way - cheapest price but I get my case and my camera bag as cabin luggage ]
let the education continue

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It was the first time I have had to take everything out of the bag before x-ray, though a couple of time they have wanted to check the bag afterwards. The batteries get checked regularly, as I said.
I guess different airports apply different rules, but it was a first for me at Schiphol. I asked why and they said a camera is electrical equipment, and the lenses show up black on the x-ray and could be anything.
I also had to put my e-reader out, whereas His Nibs left his in his bag and it went through no problem.
Oh his spare batteries, normal rechargeables, were checked too.

Camera bag always takes up my cabin luggage allowance .


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Gatwick to Edinburgh 2-3 weeks ago no problem 4xEN-EL4as and 2x2CR5s and the Samsung GS3 and iPod...

why has it taken so long - the Z-1 uses lithium batteries and it's 20 years old! what's triggered these concerns?
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