New Year Pentax Nostalgia Trip


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Having a tidy up of my office and came across my old Pentax ME Super sales brochure. Here it is scanned for your entertainment.


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How long since you last tidied up?!!!

Kim C

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That's one of the few I haven't got on the website.


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RobL wrote:
How long since you last tidied up?!!!

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Kim C wrote:
That's one of the few I haven't got on the website.

You are welcome to download these or PM me and I'm sure we can find a way to get the full res images to you, if you'd like.
Quite a resource you've built on the website Kim.

I love the "Fast-action" two frames per second film winder and the assertion "Auto or M mistakes are virtually a thing of the past" I still found plenty of ways to cock things up
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Nice brochure. All in English too

To keep costs down brochures for some of the later models had alternate pages in English/German

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My first Pentax. I'm not sorry that I eventually sold it when I gave up film but I kick myself now for selling my film lenses.

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My first camera too. Late Spring 1982 I believe. I still have the (dead) body and the 50mm f/2 lens which, for the sake of nostalgia, I had serviced a few years back to remove the stickiness in the focusing ring caused by a spilt pint of beer in about 1984.

For my last trip to New York in October, I decided to have a trip down memory lane and used two ME Supers, one "chrome" and one black loaded with colour and BW film.

Errors being a thing of the past was a slight exaggeration! I used to use Kodachrome 64 almost exclusively and found the auto-exposure would usually under-expose by a little bit. Of course, on slide film "a little bit" is a right pain, so I used it on manual 99% of the time. This last trip, the luxury of using colour print and BW film made me a little lazy, and I think I used auto about 50% of the time!

Thanks for posting. Nice to see this stuff.

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Seems like it was the first one for a few of us.. Ive still got mine. Though havnt bought a film in 30 Think I've even got this brouchure around somewhere.. Glad Nigel has posted it though. Wouldn't want to try and find
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I can remember comments at the time in the photographic press. The MX was release just before this if my memory serves me correctly. Every review I read mentioned the ME was bigger than the MX.

Today, we have widened the parameters a bit.

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