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Who can tell me, how many pieces of m-camera types were produced?
I need information about ME, ME Super, MV, MV-1, ME F, MX and MG.
What have had the body cost at the year of introduction in the U.K.?
Thanks for detail informations about other Pentax Sites!

Uwe Rau


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I can tell you that the ME and MX were introduced at a price of 189.95 for ME with 40mm lens, 199.95 with 50mm and 199.95 and 209.95 for the MX with the same lenses. This is from memory, but I will check it in my old magazines when I get the chance. The prices fell steadily over the years and the MX ended up at around 129.95 with 50mm lens I think.
The ME Super arrived next in line, followed by the ME-F with its autofocus lens. The MV (no self timer or winder capability) and the MV1 (self timer and useable with winder) came in with simplified traffic light exposeure indication, and the MG then improved on this with an indication of shutter speeds in the finder. Prices of the MV with 40mm lens were around 89.95 and 99.95 for the MV1.

I can be more specific about the details if you need the info please let me know and it will probably take a few days to pull the information together.
Best regards, John


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The only thing I can add to John's recollection of prices is that for the ME, MX and ME Super there was a 10 premium to be paid if you wanted a black body.


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Uwe Rau,

Have you tried this excellent Pentax site?

It contains a host of information about all K-mount Pentax cameras. Well worth a look

(For gallery, tips and links)
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