What are the essentials for an Asahi Pentax K-1000?


Link Posted 16/07/2003 - 18:44
Just received an old Asahi Pentax K-1000 that's in pretty good shape. But all I have is the original 50mm lens. What kind of tripod, zoom or telephoto lens, flash, and filters should I get. I'm trying to keep the cost low. Since the camera was free, why go crazy. Thanks.


Link Posted 16/07/2003 - 23:43
You've got a great camera that will last longer and work harder than many current models!

I would start slowly to build up a kit. Use the 50mm lens for a while and take lots of pictures. If you find the need for more lenses your results should guide you as to whether you need a wide angle or a telephoto as the first addition to your kit. If you are doing long exposures, perhaps at night or for maximising depth of field by using small apertures, then you may well need a tripod. If you are using b/w film you may well need some filters to bring out the clouds in the sky. Look at lots of pictures for ideas, read photographic magazines for info and techniques.

If you were to choose a basic prime lens line-up, I think a good choice would be: 24mm-50mm-100mm.
With zooms perhaps: 28-80mm and 80-320mm

My actual line up is 15mm-20mm-24-90mm zoom-100mm Macro. My two lens kit would be 24mm and 100mm.

Obviously a lot of this depends on what type of photography you are interested in. Portraits will benefit from a short telephoto (85mm-150mm) and lanscapes or architecture may need wide angle lenses. Personal preference is the thing, it depends on how your photography develops, and only you can find out the answers for yourself. I hope these general comments, though, may help in at least making the first choices.

I hope you enjoy the choices you make!
Best regards, John

Peter Bargh

Link Posted 21/07/2003 - 15:12
take a look on ePHOTOzine.com for buying guides to tripods, filters etc and techniques on how to take better pictures. It's also worth subscribing to Pentax User where you'll find very good articles on all areas of Pentax photography.
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