MZ-60 v MZ-6... what are the differences?


Link Posted 22/09/2004 - 10:49
Morning peoples! My fioncee has got an MZ-60 which she has been teaching me how to use properly (on manual - not the point-an-shoot 'cheaters' mode) and now we think I'm ready for a camera of my own - yes it's time to bin the 35mm APS job I've been using all these years and start doing things properly!

We've seen a used MZ-6 and original lens for sale for 199 near us and were wondering if this is a good price or if we could get it cheaper elsewhere? Also is this a step up or a step down from the MZ-60 we're using at the moment? If it's a step up she'll get it and I'll take over the MZ-60 and vice-versa...

Alternatively is there another model you can recommend to me as a novice to start out on, or one for her to progress onto so I can have the MZ-60?

Any help here would be gratefully received as the Pentax website just seems to be listing figures and technical terms for each unit... not very helpful!!

Many thanks guys and gals,
Darran & Sara


Link Posted 22/09/2004 - 10:58
MZ-6 is is way better than MZ-60


Link Posted 22/09/2004 - 12:23
Also the MZ 7 is good as well as the mz 5/mz 5n. Older models such as the z-20 are good. But i think that the MZ-6 is most definatley a good buy.....the price could be a bit lower but then again it will probably get a short turm warranty and also you get to test the product before you buy. Also now you are able to use older and cheaper pentax lenses. You can really dig up some great lenses that are perfectly capable at the fraction of the price of the AF equivalent. you won't have to cry any more because of the crippled mount of the MZ-60.............. I own an MZ-50 which is also cripple mounted and have found a new world in my PZ-1p (Great Camera) with out the crippled mount.
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Link Posted 23/09/2004 - 10:28
I've owned MZ-10, MZ30, MZ-50, MZ-60, MZ-6, MZ-7, MZ-5.

The only one I have now are the MZ-6 & MZ-7.
All the others have gone bye bye on ebay.
The 6 & 7 to me , are the most useful with AF and MF lenses.
The 6 is great for wireless flash as well.
Regards, Trevor
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Link Posted 08/11/2004 - 18:04
Just because you have to turn the ring yourself does not mean you are out of 'cheater' mode! I am kidding, I promise, but my K-1000 roots are showing rather badly. I think the K is rather automated compared to the Honeywell with it's screw on light meter, but you did not ask for a history lesson (aka: accounting for the contents of my camera bag).

Well, I was going to offer the additional resource of's compare feature (an invaluable resource to me over the years when trying to sort out the ZX/MX's), but to my horror, I only see THREE cameras listed (it was 10 or so a couple of weeks ago).

I guess I have a question of my own for these guys - what in the world happened? Any ideas? Have the others gone out of production completely, are being phased out, what?

Kim C

Link Posted 09/11/2004 - 07:20
Hi Darren,
The MZ6 is definately the more capable camera. For a start, it doesn't have the "crippled" mount of the MZ60 and so has better compatibility with the older MF lenses. In general the MZx0 series were cheaper alternatives to the MZx series althought there is little direct comparison. You don't say where you are but the best thing would be to do a trawl through the camera shops. It may be that a good second hand camera would suit what you want to do better. There certainly seem to be some good deals on MZ5 and MZ3 around but this are more traditional in their operation and feel. The Z series were very good but I wouls stay away from the SF series. Budget is always a consideration but I would have a good look at the MZ-S. It really is a superb camera and I have seen near mint ones for around the 300 bracket S/H.


George Lazarette

Link Posted 09/11/2004 - 08:45
Whatever you do, don't get rid of the 35mm APS camera. This is quite unique, and wil be worth a lot of money to collectors.
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