MZ 5N or MZ50?


Link Posted 12/02/2004 - 16:35
In short I have the opportunity to buy either of these bodies but know very little. Which is better? And if possible could you explain why?

Many thanks in anticipation


Link Posted 12/02/2004 - 16:43
The MZ5N is a much better body
Here are some reasons:

* Metal lense mount (MZ50 has plastic) It will last longer.
* Spot metering - useful for difficult lighting situations
* Multi segment metering. MZ50 has 2 segment, MZ5N has 6.
* Supports all older lenses. MZ50 has "crippled" KAF mount
* More solidly built

The MZ50, on the other hand, has "picture modes". However, to be honest, the MZ5N will do a great job all the time.

Here are a couple of pages that should help you compare the two:

Hope that helps
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Right well that clinched it. Am just getting into this as a learner so that was really useful.

Am looking at 200 for a 18 month old MZ5N with a Sigma 28-300 lens. I already have a Pentax 28-80 lens too (hence the advantage of going for a body which fits this). Does anyone know if that's sensible money to pay?

I'll be joining as a member soon!



Link Posted 13/02/2004 - 06:16
Hi again

A quick scout around the usual online second hand dealers:
A mint MZ5n goes for about 120-150.
A Sigma 28-200 lense goes for around 100.
(These are with 6 month warranties)

So, sounds a reasonable deal to me

Don't forget that a 28-300mm lens, although incredibly useful and practical, will not give the same image quality as shorter range zooms, and certainly not the quality of a prime lenses (like just a 50mm/f1.7). However, don't let that put you off, for 200, it sounds like a great deal.

You can always stock up on lenses later
Don't forget to subscribe to the Pentax User Magazine - it'll get you a healthy discount on servicing should you ever need to get the MZ5n repaired (apart from it being a great magazine )

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