My K10D Has Landed!


Link Posted 21/12/2006 - 13:53
1) Does it have a designated flash sync socket or is it via hot-shoe adapter like the *ist Ds/DL etc?

2) Can you thether it to a pc/laptop to instantly view images?

3) Does it only take CF cards now and SD is no longer an option?

1) No, just via hotshoe. Like the DL, it doesn't do TTL, only A, M, P-TTL flash modes.

2) Haven't yet tried... but I'm sure if it's not already there, it'll happen. Silkypix doesn't do tethered, and C1 never did Pentax tethered, even though the older dSLRs could.

3) Only SD. (including the SD-HC cards).



Link Posted 21/12/2006 - 14:55
MattMatic wrote:
The K10D PEF format is new.

The ACR page makes the point that the K10D can shoot DNG and that DNG is supported in ACR2.4 onwards. No mention of when ACR will support the compressed PEF format.

I'm thinking this camera is the dogs dangly bits just wish the sun would come out I've taken all the foggy/frosty pictures I can handle for the moment!
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I am drooling at the mouth waiting to hold of the k10d.
But the boss lady insists it will have to wait until mid January...seems like a lifetime away.


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A while ago, someone within this forum posted this link to a suitable battery for the K10D. I ordered a couple and they arrived this morning.

Both are now charged and this post is just to confirm that they fit and operate fine.

The only difference is in the overall capacity. The supplied battery is 7.4V 1620mAh, the replacements are 7.4v 1500mAh.

Two batteries and a Sandisk 1GB Extreme III SD card delivered for a hair under 43 - I think that's good value.

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Link Posted 22/12/2006 - 20:58
A while ago, someone within this forum posted this link to a suitable battery for the K10D. I ordered a couple and they arrived this morning.

My two came today too, have just put them in the charger now (been out all day) but it's still nice to have another confirmation that they fit. I also purchased the 7dayshop charger unit (6.99 + 1.99 for battery specific plate), it come's with an in car charging cable, very handy
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Had my K10D for a couple of days now - the smile on my face shows no sign of fading yet - so good to have a camera that feels like a proper successor to my LX and MZ-S bodies


Link Posted 24/12/2006 - 11:21
We've had our for a day or two now. Only got as far as charging the batteries and setting up the Custom Functions to suit, but the cameras look fine. Everything is totally integrated with the Pentax design ethos, so no problems in handling. It's the quality that counts, so between Christmas and New Year we will be headed out for a field test.

Probably Anglesey I think.
Best regards, John

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Link Posted 25/12/2006 - 02:17
MattMatic wrote:

1) No, just via hotshoe. Like the DL, it doesn't do TTL, only A, M, P-TTL flash modes.


Most studio photographers use th Pocket Wizard radio slaves. You can also buy a hot shoe adapter that allows the built-in flash to pop up (why?).


Link Posted 29/12/2006 - 15:24
It seems silly to me that Pentax could not simply add a flash sync connection to save us playing around with wirless syncs and hotshoe adapters.

Secondly I cant even use either of these as I use an old but powerful studio kit and unless it is plugged directly into the cameras sync socket it frys the camera, therefore I am stuck firing the camera on bulb then setting the flash off everytime!


Link Posted 29/12/2006 - 16:28
A flash synch connection would be nice, but to be honest I only use studio flash that is more conveniently triggered by an IR flash release. No more trailing wires to trip over or send lights crashing to the floor!
Best regards, John

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Link Posted 29/12/2006 - 16:34
If you're handy with a soldering iron, and can get hold of a few bits and pieces, you could try the following (I've no idea if it would work satisfactorily, but it might... ):

Basically, make a remote release that fires the camera and flash on seperate circuits - using one, double-pole switch (somethinglike this: Double pole means that it has 4 connectors, but they're in pairs which are seperate from eachother. So as you press the switch, the contacts are made between the two connectors in each pair, but not between the two pairs - so you can have two independent circuits, which both get switched on at the same time.

The camera needs a lead with a 2.5mm jackplug (can be a mono one if you're using manual focus) and the flash is probably the same fitting on the flash itself, so you'd need to make a lead to run between the remote and the flash.

When you pressed the button on the switch, it would close the circuit for the camera remote, firing the shutter, and on a seperate circuit, trigger the flash.

If you've got this far, it might sound like a good solution, but I feel there may be a problem with the shutter firing fractionally after the main output of the flash - it depends on how long the flash discharge lasts for I think.

If that makes some sense, but you need it explaining better, let me know. If you try it and it works perfectly, let us all know!

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