MX-1 lens cap


Link Posted 22/06/2014 - 21:25
Aero wrote:

I think you've missed the's not my MX-1 that has developed the problem but a friend's X5.

You're right I did.. Apologies. But then why is this thread titled MX-1 lens cap?
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Link Posted 22/06/2014 - 22:36
You're right, Sledger. The thread title could be a bit misleading. Sorry. It's just that several people have questioned the lens cap set-up on the MX-1 and it seems to be the same "warning" system that's used on the X5. I was a bit concerned there might be a weak link that could cause problems on the MX-1. I suspect the X5 issue I mentioned could be a one-off, though. Let's hope so.

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