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Was reading an article about Sandro Miller in the Guardian today, Thursday, 18 February. It was about his photograph of John Malkovich in a tribute to the work of Diane Arbus. Fascinating about 'high point' and 'low point'. However, it was his 'top tip' that resonated with me so I thought I'd share it with the folk here.

Sandro Miller’s CV
Born: Elgin, Illinois, 1958.
Trained: Self-taught.
Influences: Irving Penn, August Sander, Avedon, Lucian Freud, Diane Arbus.

High point: “Being born.”

Low points: “Cancer diagnosis, Trump being nominated for president, and the last four years.”

Top tip: “Don’t try to become a superstar over night. Becoming a real, true photographer takes years of dedication and a sacrifice of so much of the rest of your life. Your Instagram feed and how many followers you have does not determine that you are a great photographer. It just means you are probably on social media too much.”

It also made me smile.
Be well, stay well.


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Love the last bit


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Flan wrote:
Love the last bit

Me too, Flan.
Be well, stay well.
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