MUP and bracketing help on K-3


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Have I missed something ? *** K-5 also ***

If I'm using MUP or the 2-sec self-timer to get the mirror up and lower the risk of vibrations at slow shutter speeds, I often want to bracket the exposure too. However, I can't seen to do this.

I can use the bracketing and self-timer setting, BUT this puts a 2 sec delay between each exposure. What I want is MUP then a selected number of rapid bracketed exposures.

Seems an obvious thing to want to do, ie lock mirror and then bracket to capture cloud/leaf without excessive movement for subsequent blending. How can this be achieved ?

As I said, I've probably missed something ...

Thanks a lot
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I will take a look into this later on today and get back to you OK. However, someone will no doubt post a reply before I do.


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Barry I have tried all sorts of combinations with my K5iis to achieve what you suggest and it isn't possible as far as I can see. So, if you're missing something, then so am I.

For bracketed shots I tend to allow 2 seconds between each one. Normally you would only bracket a still item anyway (or at least I do) so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

If 'rapid firing' is required then you just have to suffer the potentail of mirror movement
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if my memory serves me right then MUP and bracketing are on the same menu and are not selectable together on K5.

As I understand the shutter on K5 (K3) works with the mirror flipping once per exposure. This can be clearly seen from any kind of bracketing or high speed shooting. Thus MUP is not compatible with bracketing, as rapid mirror flip makes MUP redundant or creates 2 second delay between shots as you experienced. I would guess that only mirrorless can do exposure without flipping the mirror
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Answered already here I believe!
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Thanks Matt.

Just goes to show that I hadn't tried every combination
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Thanks all, I'll give it a try ...
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