Multiple lens case


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Spotted this in John Lewis and couldn't resist, even at 25:

K5IIs & ME Super with FA24-90, DA17-70, DA55-300, misc old primes; Fuji X20.


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Wow. Which department did you find that in?

Not handbags?


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Ooh, I like that. Are the dividers adjustable?
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Very neat - what was it originally intended for?

The Lowepro 1N includes a divider which allows it to carry a couple of shorter Pentax lenses (a 50/55 and 28mm will fit, a 135mm and anything else won't!)

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Leather, fungus, eventually?
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It's called a 'watch roll' - was in a men's accessories display, comes with some padded cubes for strapping wristwatches on to.

The dividers aren't adjustable, unfortunately - the 24mm on the right is a snug fit.

I wondered about fungus, but used to have some little leather lens cases for my Praktica lenses years ago and they came to no harm. I suppose it depends where the leather is kept. Maybe I should put the lenses in plastic bags first (??)
K5IIs & ME Super with FA24-90, DA17-70, DA55-300, misc old primes; Fuji X20.


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I want one too
Kind regards

It's nice to be nice!

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Pentax make a very similar case for three DA ltd lenses - but it's a 'US Only' product (apparently)

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matwhittington wrote:
Pentax make a very similar case for three DA ltd lenses - but it's a 'US Only' product (apparently)


. it's a bit expensive with the shipping and postage, but you

you can order the da limited lens cases from the us and have them shipped over. if shipping and customs makes buying one too expensive, you can always buy a few and split the shipping costs among the buyers. that's how i got mine.

it's a nifty case, but tbh, i prefer keeping the da limiteds in my pocket. and if i do keep them in a bag, having an extra case just takes too much effort to changing lenses to do it quickly.
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Just to resurrect this thread, I bought one of these watch rolls from John Lewis today. The space between dividers is a perfect fit for DA 15mm, FA 43mm and DA 70mm. The DA 21mm also fits but because it is so short needs a little extra padding to stop it moving around.
Regards, Philip


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I found a used horizontal lens pouch from the now defunct ccs. It holds three limited I just , with a little added sponge between each lens.

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