Moss Sporangium


Link Posted 21/09/2022 - 03:53
200mm f4 with 50mm f2.8 Componon S, reversed.

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Link Posted 22/09/2022 - 20:35
Nicely lit, nicely composed, nicely photographed. I like it. Had to look up what it is, though! ('sporangium', not 'moss' )

A stack? Or enough DoF without stacking? What is the size of the sporangium? (Had to use that word now I know what it is )



Link Posted 23/09/2022 - 11:56
Thanks for the nice comments, Steve.

Yes, it was a stack, of 14 x 1/2 degrees of focus ring rotation.
The head of the sporangium is about a mm. long, I actually forgot to take a scale rule shot, so that's just a rough dim. from life.
I don't think there would be enough DOF for a single shot, certainly not enough to capture the twisting of the stem.
Although I could capture the head alone with a single shot, it would involve increasing the f-stop & then you're into diffraction.
I can't help but believe I'm flirting with that all the time, to be honest, especially at these magnifications......
but I don't see the point of sailing really close to the wind with the number of shots in a stack, it being almost impossible to estimate the rate of overlap of DOF from shot to shot. Better to have too many than not enough!


The more I look, the more there is to see!


Link Posted 26/09/2022 - 19:12
Stunning - really dig this
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