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Hi Everyone,

I've just bought a used Pentax K-30 last week and its my first DSLR. I'm still in the majorly confused stage and doing my reading etc trying to bring myself up to speed with the lingo so bear with me I am majorly impressed with the camera and have already taken some shots that are worthy of being put on canvases and displayed in the house. Still cant believe how much better a photo can look when taken with a "proper" camera. I am currently on the look out for a good zoom lens but I am on a very strict budget at the moment. Is anyone looking to offload any lenses on here? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

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Morning to you, this is a good forum and lots of people help you all the best with the k30

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Hi there - and yes, a DSLR really can do a lot for your photos. The best you can do, is to play around with your new toy for some days, and then post a few photos here! It's a great resource of help and inspiration!
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Hello and welcome. If you are looking for something like 50 to 200, SRS have a Samsung D-Xenonwith a KA mount on their ebay site which will fit your needs as a beginner. I have one and have no problems with it on my K30.


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If you don't know how, just post the question here. I got what amounted to a master class when I posted some (not too bright) pictures of buttercups and asked how to improve them. Like John says above, play around with it for a while. And talking of being on a budget - you might try "Faststone Image Viewer". It's a very good entry level image processing program - and it's free - no strings.
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mikeloftus88 wrote:
I am currently on the look out for a good zoom lens but I am on a very strict budget at the moment.

How would you describe your requirements, as in what are you looking to take photos of with this zoom lens?

Basics really come into it with a zoom lens, in that they are harder to stabilise, so you need a solid grip or a tripod/monopod.
Just mentioning that as a lot of zoom lenses appear soft/blurry, but often its being hand held with too slow a shutter speed.

How far do you need to reach?
The 50?-200 WR Pentax lens is a good buy. It's often included as a kit lens, but some examples here have shown it's quite a performer for the money.

Welcome too


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Thanks for all the replies its nice to feel welcome. I am excited by this hobby as something that seems so simple on the outside is actually far from it! Doing a Digital photography diploma online at the minute, only cost me 14.00 and I get a student card out of it so cant complain! Its not the best but helping me get a grip on things!

I would mainly be looking at wildlife photography with the zoom lens. I go to Chester Zoo a lot so be hoping to get some great pictures. Also do a lot of camping so birds etc could be a subject for me! As I have said my budget is very tight at the minute but I am conscious of buying something for the sake of it rather than something that suits my needs. Please forgive the stupid question, is there a massive difference between a 200mm and 300mm zoom lens in terms of day to day use?

I will upload some pictures over the weekend and I look forward to some constructive criticism.



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Hello and welcome
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