Monos from Friday Morning


Link Posted 24/01/2021 - 17:30
Here's a few monos from my walk on Friday morning - some of the lighting was quite contrasty and difficult to process, so I thought these might work in Black and White....

1. The Malvern Theatres complex. Comprising the Theatre, the Forum Theatre and the Cinema - the Forum Theatre is the refurbished area that hosted many great musical performances going back to the 1950's - it still has (or did until COVID lockdown) some great comedians, plays and musicians - Robert Plant being the last one we saw in 2019.

2. Priory park has a number of old grand buildings on the periphery - this one is currently where weddings are often performed (with the park as a beautiful setting for photos afterwards). I can remember being dragged to this building every week as a toddler when Mum took the rent book in and paid the rent - this grand building was then affectionately know as "The Council House".

3. Another view of the same building, with the beautiful conservatory jutting out to the side. I could be wrong but I think this part of the building was unused and became almost derelict for quite a few years - it is now in lovely restored condition and used by council staff sometimes.

4. Just down Avenue Road (which links Great Malvern railway station to Priory Park and the town) is this grand building originally built as the Imperial Hotel and adjacent to the railway station - there is even a private tunnel (known as "the Worm") linking the two. It is now Malvern St James school, until a few years ago it had been Malvern Girls College for many years. There are rumours that Adolf Hitler had planned for this building to be his first base upon a successful invasion of mainland Britain.

Once more - I hope you enjoy them (they are much better clicked on to give the bigger picture)


Link Posted 26/01/2021 - 15:40
I like the first pic the best of the set. It has more depth to the image as the building is set back a bit more. That tree to the left is awesome also with the big long branches reaching out and filling the empty sky area.
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Link Posted 27/01/2021 - 23:09
I do like the complexity in 3, wherein everything remains discernible. Nice set overall, but that one has that something extra.
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