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Venice is a city of colour, with many wonderful and classic views that you can't help but snap away at - but once you see past the initial photo opportunities and delve a little deeper there is so much detail and alternative images to be made, many suiting Black and White better than Colour.

This is my first posting from a trip to Venice earlier this week - all photos taken with the Ricoh GRII, some with the wide adaptor, and processed in LightRoom and Silver Efex Pro 2. Click on the image to see it at a better size - hope you enjoy them...

1. Waiter, Waiter! :

2. Open air concert - No, just a Cafe band! :

3. Empty Market Place:

4. Cross-Chain Light:

5. Windows:

6. Dark Cafe:

7. That Rings a Bell! :

8. Ghostly Passage:



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definitely liking this set John but for me the right hand side of 1. i would straighten or give the left hand the opposite angle of lean and 6. i would just lift the shadows a tad. certainly well observed and love your ghostly passage plus how did you ever find an empty market place, well done
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Very nice set, the monochrome treatment works very well. I particularly like the composition and feeling in the marketplace and the cross-chain light. These are the kinds of places I will be searching to lose myself in if I make the trip to Venice one day.


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Really strong set John... love no. 1 in particular, but there are strong lines and compositions throughout...




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Very impressive. I visited last month but found the prevailing attitude towards visitors off putting. I'm sure they would charge for the air you breathe if they could find a way.
Regards, Philip


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No colors, yet very effective pictures!
I like your way of thinking... unique!
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3,4,5 and 6 are stunning, lovely set, you do get to visit some beautiful places and get fantastic images. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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really like 4 and 6

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Very impressive set. Deservedly in B&W. Good call on that decision. The first image is a great photo.

Best regards
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