Miscellaneous images from Brownsea island (image heavy)


Link Posted 15/09/2020 - 17:37
These are some of the images that didn't fit into the other categories...

1. Mono Tree

2. Chain Ferry & Ghost Cruise Ship

3. Lily Pond

4. Eroded Sand Cliff

5. Oak Leaf

6. Rusting Farm Machinery

7. Tree on the Heath

8. Beach, Bird and Tree

9. Castle Jetty Walkway

10. Trunk and Tree near Pottery Pier

11. Mono Boats

12. Shimmer on the Sea

13. Fir Cones

14. Squirrel Silhouette

15. Cliff-top Trees

16. Serene Sea

17. Trunk decay

Hope you enjoy them - taken with Pentax K1 MkII and FA*400/5.6, D-FA15-30/2.8, A*200/4.0 & Voigtlander Apo Lanthar 90/3.5


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If I could go out and take perhaps 4 images as good as these I would be happy.

17 ! That's witchcraft

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Some crackers in here. The 2nd image is well seen

Love that tree in no.10 and the pottery foreground, I'd have been tempted to try a composition further along so that dead tree is excluded as it points out of the frame. Can you imagine that tree with a killer sunset and the pottery foreground
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Some very nice images in there, LennyB, and plenty of different moods. The lilypond and sandcliffs have a special appeal in their respective camaïeux of green and beige. The tree on the heath is quite gracious, seems to be on fire in that beautiful light, contrasting with the monochrome starkness of the cliff-top trees further down.
And the squirrel. Gotta love that silhouette.


Link Posted 16/09/2020 - 09:02
excellent set ,all well spotted and taken. I keep coming back to 7,The Tree and 13, The Fir Cones and i think it is the light that draws me back to those two just beautiful.
K3 II and the odd lens or 2



Link Posted 16/09/2020 - 14:52
Nice set, but No. 7 is the stand out for me. Lovely "pop" to it. K.
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Thanks for all the comments - it's always interesting to see which images get picked out from a set, no.7 (Tree on the Heath) nearly didn't make it in, it's one of my favourites but I wasn't sure it would appeal to others, but Kris, Joe and Serge saw something in it

Thanks for the compliment Peter - but when you have four days on the island with around 3 to 4 hours walking per day then you come across so many shooting opportunities.

Thanks Gareth - when I included the Tree and Pottery beach shot I had a feeling you might comment, it's just your sort of thing - and I'm sure that a beautiful sunset in your style could be achieved

I've become a lot more brutal in culling recently, I took over 400 images on Brownsea Island and managed to cut them down to 150 I though worthy of uploading to Flickr.
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