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Photographing your meal is something I normally leave to generations younger than me who are wielding a smartphone. Today, however, a pear was part of my lunch. Or at least it was until, having eaten half of it, I noticed that something had grabbed it for lunch before me. The opportunity was too good to miss. So here it is. At least the entire other diner was present, not just half of it...

K3 + Irix 150mm macro + 1.4TC + codling moth larva. Hand held (the camera, not the subject ).

Thoughts, comments etc. welcome as usual.





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I'd like to say nice but, it's kinda gross
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Kill it with fire?
All the gear with no idea


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Better than finding only a bit of it!!

vic cross

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Just think of the extra protein if you'd only found half of it.
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Reminds me very much of something that happened to me around 45 yrs ago!

Just started a new job (EMI Medical in Hayes, if anyone remembers that!) and 3-4 days later my boss took 2 newly-arrived US safety certification test engineers with several of his staff, including me, out for lunch at a large local pub.

IIRC, I ordered something like steak (as you do ) chips, peas and salad and that duely arrived, and so I began to "tuck in". One of the first things I did was to cut into a tomato (in the salad) - to be "greeted" with a wiggling caterpillar in one half of that (Yes, that one was very much still alive!)

"Oh, what do I do now??" was my first thought, and I so I very discretely beckoned to the waiter, and then silently pointed to "unwelcome intruder" in my meal, and he took the plate away - and brought it back 5 mins later with the only "change" being that the tomato had "disappeared" and been replaced more peas (I had expected "something better" in the "circumstances" - but NO! )

Nothing more was "said" on either side, but would a modern customer "stand for that nowadays"? - I think NOT!
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It rather reminds me of a comment I once heard made by Alan Titchmarsh: "There's only one thing worse than finding a caterpillar in your apple and that's finding half a caterpillar"!
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Thanks for being brave enough to look, folks!

'Gross' is certainly the right word to use to describe how I felt when I first saw it. But after the portrait shoot, I was starting to warm to the little thing...

jeallen01 wrote:
EMI Medical in Hayes, if anyone remembers that!

About as far north of Heathrow as I lived south when a lad. Relatives in Hillingdon/Uxbridge so knew that EMI was there. Didn't venture north of the airport very often, though. I led a very sheltered life - all roads headed east, south or west, and not very far either. The North was a foreign country and it started at Heathrow Airport .

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