Miranda 70-300mm Macro?


Link Posted 17/06/2012 - 17:15

Does anyone know how the macro part of this lens works? Was I wrong to assume that at focal length of 200mm or lower the focus distance would decrease? It seems the minimum focus distance is locked at 1.2m at any focal length.

I'd appreciate any help or thoughts. It's the same lens seen here on Ebay.


edit: I realize it's not a true macro lens, I'm just curious if it makes any difference at all
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I've got one here. It is not one of those where the macro setting shifts the focus distance - with this one the minimum focus stays at about 1.2m, varying slightly with focal length.

Not a bad lens, heavy though. That eBay price is a bit over the top, I paid 10 for mine.
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Link Posted 17/06/2012 - 19:07
Hi kh1234567890

Thanks for your reply.

Actually I think it was your review that led me to buy my copy. Bought it for 13 I think.

I primarily bought it to check out if 300mm was enough for my needs. I do find it hard to use for birds and moving subjects, mostly due to lack of skills I reckon, having to manual focus, remembering to check exposure and use the green button and whatnot

But I eventually came to appreciate it's close up abilities though!

I still ponder why there is a macro index on the lens since it apparently doesn't do anything



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That's about the going price.

The problem with that lens is that the focus varies a lot with zoom and at 300mm it takes a while to get the knack of focusing well anyhow. The stock Pentax focus screen doesn't exactly help either.

As for exposure, if you shoot RAW then you can usually tweak the exposure afterwards a bit. Remembering to hit the green button can be a problem - I never understood why Pentax couldn't give you the option of doing this by a half-press of the shutter button.

Not bad for 10 or 13 though ?
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Link Posted 17/06/2012 - 20:28
Definitely not bad for the price and the lens surely surpasses my photography skills anyhow!

Being able to assign the green button to half-press of the shutter button is actually not a bad idea
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