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Metz 70 MZ5

Posted 23/03/2011 - 18:54 Link
Finally I came back to Pentax DSLR, but I don't have a flash with camera.
I've tried to buy Metz 48 as I had before but it looks that is really diffucult to buy one. So far I found Metz 70 MZ5 but with Nikon mount. I research that hammer head flashes are using different adaptors. So far I know that 70 MZ5 needs adaptor SCA-3702(for Pentax), which I can buy from Microglobe and it says that works with Metz 70-MZ5.
Did anybody been using this flash in past, or maybe have one and can say anything about it? For how long battery last for? Is it possible to buy some accesories for it? If anybody can say anything about this flash and how that works, if they are any problems, speciall requiments to adaptors, I'll be happy to hear that!
K20D+grip, 16-45/4, 28-80 PZ, 28-70/4, MG, ME Super

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