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Hello I am new here and wonder if anyone can help with two issues I have

1 I have a red filter for the above and plan to take some b and w photos. Is this filter ok for portraits? I know it is favoured for skies. Also do I have to adjust the f stop? I think not as the Auto setting adjusts the shutter speed to compensate for the loss of light caused by the filter. However, I am stuck on the point and unsure

2 Just what is the difference between auto and manual?
Surely they both, in different ways, tell you what settings you need. I suppose in manual you can override them but why would you if the camera has it correct? I am probably missing something and look forward to enlightenment...

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1 The red filter can be used for portraits, but that would be unusual as it will make skin look rather odd. Skin and lips will become very pale. Try it, but don't expect your subjects will like it as pictures of themselves. The metering will compensate for the filter.

2 With auto you set the aperture and the camera sets the shutter speed. Why manual? You need a book on photography, but in essence it gives to total control. You might want a specific shutter speed or combination to give the effect you want. But you can't understand why you would want to until you've had a good read about the basic stuff.

"The ME Super Book of Photography" would actually be a very good place to start. Or one of the many general guides.
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Thanks John

I read that perhaps I need a yellow-green filter for portraits but again maybe not?

The cicumstances are I will be taking b and w shots at night (with poor light- street light- and using a silver, I think, reflector) of various inividuals. I am hoping my f1.7 lens will get me through on the ME super but as I am new I will have to experiment as well as take advice

I hear what you say about manual and will get a book. It just struck me as interesting that as the me super deals with aperture and shutter for you to depart from what, effectively, a computer is telling you, would lead to woe, over or under exposed or blurred photos.

Thanks again for the advice.

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It's a simple light meter, integrating everything to a neutral grey. No computer.

Imagine this: photograph a grey box and it will turn out grey. No problem. Then substitute a black box, camera thinks it's too dark and makes it grey. Now a white box, camera thinks it's too bright and makes it grey.

Our brain knows what it should be, so applies exposure compensation or uses manual exposure.

The human brain has qualities that a computer does not.
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Cheers John
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