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Link Posted 14/01/2004 - 15:16
I've somehow managed to go from having one camera body to four over the Christmas period! That's thanks to buying a new *ist (very nice too, much higher spec'ed than my MZ50) and doing an excellent deal with my father for his 2 old ME Supers.

The only problem is that Dad has somehow succeeded in losing the instruction manuals for both his Supers, despite having had at least one of them only a couple of months ago! So, does anyone know where I can get hold of one? The cheaper the better, of course!

A secondary question...

Along with the 2 Super bodies, I also became the proud owner of a selection of lenses. All, thankfully, have the A setting on the Aperture ring which should make them compatible with my new *ist, but on two of them, both Tamron lenses, I cannot work out how to move them round to that setting (no obvious lever/switch/button to press). Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and a Happy New(ish) Year to you all.



Link Posted 14/01/2004 - 15:43
Hi Bagpuss!

I can answer one of your questions... the manual can be downloaded in PDF form directly from Pentax USA:

If you want a "real" copy, they can be a little harder to get. Sometimes have copies of manuals.

Hope that helps!
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Link Posted 14/01/2004 - 15:47
Fantastic, thanks!

Stupidly, it never occurred to me that they might be out there to download. Doh!


Link Posted 28/01/2004 - 18:22
I assume you have a P/KA Adaptall 2 mount for your Tamron lenses.
If so, you have to press a small black button and hold it in while turning the aperture ring to the AE position - releasing the button then locks the setting.
The button is located at '8 oclock' as you look at the underside of the mount with the word Tamron at the top.
The standard K mount does not have this button and the AE setting cannot be used.

Hope that helps.
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