M Z 5 0 I N S T R U C T I O N M A N U A L


Link Posted 24/01/2004 - 17:46
Where can I obtain an instruction manual for my newly aquired MZ50 camera?
Or can I download a version from an internet site somewhere?
Urgently required - PLEASE HELP.

George Lazarette

Link Posted 24/01/2004 - 19:43
Photogrpahers should use their eyes. Two threads below this one is the answer to your question.
The MZ50 is called a ZX50 in the States, for reasons best known to Pentax.


Link Posted 25/01/2004 - 08:59
Its a pity George, someone as condescending as yourself, can't spell.
How dare you reply in such a manner. Of course photographers need to see!
All I'm asking is a very simple request on behalf of my son - I bought the camera secondhand (without a manual) for him to study black and white photography at a local college.
We don't need supercilious fools like you to put him off the subject.
How am I supposed to know what the equivalent camera is called in the US?
What a fabulous thing knowledge is.
Next time just share it. Don't belittle us.


Link Posted 25/01/2004 - 17:36
Hi MeAndMyDogMutley,

Here's the link: http://www.pentax.com/docstore/index.cfm?show=6

As George said, it's the ZX50 you are looking for (which I agree, nobody would have guessed - confuses me to pieces).

You can also give Pentax UK a ring- they can sell you a real manual for not too much money. (I think Pentax User can also sell you manuals directly.)

(Just in case you didn't get the link )
Hope your son gets on well with his course

(For gallery, tips and links)

George Lazarette

Link Posted 25/01/2004 - 18:49
Calm down, Mutley's Owner, and try and think logically.

You said:

"How am I supposed to know what the equivalent camera is called in the US?".

You're not. That's why I told you. You didn't ask for the information, but I volunteered it because I knew you would need it. It's called being helpful!

You also commented on my spelling. Not ignorance so much as keyboard clumsiness, I fear.

You also made a number of other remarks, but who cares?

Happy shooting!

PS: Here's a link you may find useful:

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