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Link Posted 15/03/2003 - 08:36
What are the main problems of the ME/ME-Super-Series. Is there someone, how knows problems with the mirrow (turns of to hard). I have observed, that my ME-Super shows easyly vibrations on a fixed stativ, if the shutter (self-) released.

Who knows problems with the Auto-Shutter-Times by used cameras?

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Link Posted 16/03/2003 - 15:40
I have had several ME series cameras - ME, ME Super, MV, MV1 and even the LX which have all,eventually, had similar electronics problems. All easily fixable, but it seems the electronics are the first things to go wrong.

The MX has proved to be utterly reliable over its almost 20 years of use!
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Link Posted 17/03/2003 - 09:57
Yes, I've had two ME Supers and an MEF. They have all suffered from electronic problems. The most annoying was where the ASA dial electronics would go "dodgy" and the meter readings would go wild and I would wind up with a roll of under exposed film. (A wedding included - sigh!)

In the end I bought a service manual and worked out how to fix it myself. Definitely *not* something I would recommend

I've now gone the Z1 route... so far, so good.

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Link Posted 20/04/2003 - 10:15
Glad to see it wasn't just me who had problems with the ME Super! Mine eventually suffered total electronic failure, after a long "illness". Yes, you do have the manual option, but it's complicated and not always accurate (for a while, I tried relying on the exposure guides printed on the inside of film cartons); and anyway, didn't I buy the ME S for its' easy-to-use automatic setting in the first place?!?

From what I can remember (it's been a while since I used it) my ME S seemed very sensitive to battery power - if the batteries were showing any signs of losing power, that's when the problems would start.

As far as shutter vibration is concerned, can't say I noticed this was a particular problem.

I now have a lovely LX, which I hope hasn't inherited the hereditary condition of its' siblings! :p
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