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Link Posted 22/04/2003 - 00:43
I have been after an SLR camera for a while and now decided to go for it, but what do I go for? I have a friend who is selling his MZ-5n, I have had it on loan from him to see if I like it, and I do, but i don't know if I should buy it or go for a new one. What does a MZ-5n (with a 28-80mm and 100-300mm lenses) go for 2nd hand?

Is the MZ-5n current, if not what is the replacement. What are the alternative cameras I should consider, I have totally no idea on what makes a camera better than another.



Link Posted 27/04/2003 - 19:52
If you buy a copy of Amateur Photographer and study the prices, you should pay a bit less than the dealers are asking for a private sale. As to how much, it depends on the condition of the items.

The MZ5n is, in my opinion, an excellent camera, and you can buy it new. For me, the main advantage is that it uses a conventional shutter speed dial and of course the Pentax lenses have a traditional aperture selection ring. If you saw the difficulty some photographers get into with makes that use control wheel/menu systems you would appreciate the point. I've seen more than one camera club member totally unable to select a particular shutter speed or aperture without their instruction book!

But in the end perhaps you will have to try it and see. When you find your equipment does not do something you need it to (this may never happen of course) then, like we all did, you will move on to something that suits better. I've had so many cameras, but because of that I know what features I like and need.

In summary these would include:

Shutter speed dial
Ability to set any film speed manually
(Aperture priority and) manual settings
Aperture control on lenses
On/Off switch combined with shutter release and not a separate switch

The cameras that therefore suit me are

Hope you enjoy your photography, whatever camera you decide on.
Best regards, John


Link Posted 27/04/2003 - 21:43
Cheers for the advice, I think I shall be buying the MZ5n, i can get it for what i think is a good price (180, and its in good condition). The 3rd film i have had developed was much better than the 1st two (getting the hang of it now), got some smart long exposure shots. Hows does the gallery on the site work?



Link Posted 28/04/2003 - 09:58

The gallery on this site is for submissions made through the Pentax User mag. If you want a general purpose gallery, then PBase is a good choice (at $23 it's good value). There are others, but PBase does respects the copyrights of the original image holders. It's very easy to use too - check out my gallery if you want to see what it looks like.

(For gallery, tips and links)
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