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Hi. I am looking for a macro lens to do close up work. Must fit a K-5 , which will soon be mine.
Will pay up too 200 but will push to 300 for a real bargain.


ps I am new to all this, if what I have posted is wrong or unattainable please feel free to say so.


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What focal length, manual or auto focus?



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geordie01 wrote:
What focal length, manual or auto focus?

No idea Geordie, I will have to see what's out there.



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Hi and welcome,

having started with cheap extension tubes (7.99) on an old lens (cheap way to start) I bought the Sigma 50mm f2.8 which has true 1 to 1 macro and is a quality prime lens.

The lesson I learnt is you only get this full macro very very close to the subject. If you want to be further away buy a 90 or 100mm one.



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Try something like this - went for a song if it's in good nick!
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rob1234 wrote:
Try something like this - went for a song if it's in good nick!

Cheers. I would not even have known that fitted my camera though.

I am finding lenses and fittings are the hardest thing to get my head around at the moment


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I would strongly recommend you check the following before you buy a macro lens:

1. Make sure it is a 1:1 Macro (this means it will give you a true life-size image). The one linked to above is not a 1:1 lens so you would not get true macro performance with it. This is probably why it went so cheaply.

2. Make sure it is a Pentax Bayonet fit, ideally 'PKA' (if it's a manual focus lens), or any Pentax Autofocus fitting will be OK. This ensures you get automatic opening & closing of the aperture, which IMHO is the most important factor

3. Decide on the focal length; lenses of 90mm - 105mm fetch more money than 50mm macros as most people prefer the greater working distance you get with the longer focal length lenses. There's a Tamron 90mm for sale on the forum at present

Hope this helps!


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It helps a lot David, thank you very much.


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There is one in the classifieds this morning: link

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Yep that would do the job nicely and not a bad price.


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I have the same version but not autofocus for half the price if you want it atthe linkbelow


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When I researched macro lenses I found that the intended subject went a long way towards helping me decide what focal length lens to go for.

A 100mm or thereabouts gives you good working distance for insects, etc.

A 35 or 50 is good for static objects like jewellery, etc.

Don't forget that the lens isn't restricted to macro though; it'll perform perfectly well for non-macro photography.


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AndrewA wrote:
There is one in the classifieds this morning: link

I saw this last night, I made an offer on it but the post got deleted because it contained humour that could seemingly offend someone who does not speak English.
It was certainly less offensive and a lot more friendly than the PM I got from admin explaining this.


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We're not allowed to discuss moderation issues here, it's in the rules
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You have a PM.
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