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Here's the problem. I am going to Assen for the MotoGP later this year. I want to take my K5 and Tamron 70-200 2.8 and need something to carry them in. I can either use a backpack just big enough for this combination, or use some other protective bag and put that inside a regular backpack.

Travel to and from the circuit is by bicycle so I don't want anything huge

I was looking at a Kata KT D-3N1-20 but I'm not sure if the lens would fit.

Any suggestions?



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The only way to be sure the lens will fit in a bag is to take it along to a shop and try it.

As you say you are going to Assen by bike I assume you live up there somewhere?
If so and you have a car then head over to Konijnenberg in Den Ham, or down to Camera Nu in Urk and take your gear with you.

That Kata looks huge btw.


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I am based in the UK and will be flying over for the racing weekend.

Looking at the kata again, you are right, it is much bigger than I thought.

Going to a shop would be best but now that Jessops has gone, I don't have a dealer anywhere near me.



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Ah OK. Sorry I don't have any suggestions then.

If it had been your own bike you could have used a bike bag to get the camera to the circuit and just carried the camera when there, but on a hired bike you can't do that.


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As you are travelling by bicycle, a backpack would be a safer bet, as far as balance is concerned


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PM sent


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This site is a good resource for comparing bags
Regards, Philip


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How about a Lowepro Toploader 75 ????


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damperman wrote:
How about a Lowepro Toploader 75 ????

Thanks, I'll check that out


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I use a Tamrac weather-proof (essential) backpack, separate bottom loader for the camera and lenses and a versatile conventional space on top for more gear, coat, sandwiches etc. It has a laptop slot down the back - very useful for papers or umbrellas! or... a laptop
Lots of little pockets for batteries, cards, filters. Had it for 3 years, no complaints.
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Lowepro Orion Trekker

Unfortunately they dont make them anymore, one here on ebay, I have no link with the seller


I used one of these for around 30 music festivals, carry camera gear in the bottom and clothes, food & drinks etc in the top. Waterproof and very very comfy.

I managed to fit the following in the bottom section.

GX20 with grip
Tamron 17-50
Metz Flash
Spare batteries
Sony Hi8 Camcorder

So it will easily hold a k-5 and 50-135mm
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cabstar wrote:
Lowepro Orion Trekker

I've got one of these, the only problem is that it's a bit difficult to put a body with longish lens attached because of the arrangement of the padding dividers and the strange 'D' shape of the bottom compartment. I used to carry my Sigma 70-300 in its case (using its belt loop) on the waist strap.
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This is the one I'm talking about. Very happy with it and it doesn't look too 'camera baggy'.
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Some great suggestions here. The tamrac is very similar to the backpack I use now. Mine just isn't big enough for the 70-200 lens.


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The centre 'floor' is removable and the camera section has a number of compartments whose walls can go in a variety of configurations. Or you could separate the body from the lens for traveling.
I carry my entire wedding kit, including flashes umbrellas and two bodies in that bag and arrive on the motorbike.
It has no outer straps, but my tripod goes through the carry handle and sits in the front net pocket for hiking.
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