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I'm curious as to how the old mf lenses handle long exposures like on a stream for example or a beach scene ?

Also curious how they handle filters ...cpl's and ND filters .



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As well or as badly as any other lens.

In days of yore, when we used film, we also used filters a lot more. It's not so necessary with digital photography, where most things can be done in post processing. On film we need filters much of the time to correct colour balance or tonal quality upfront.

So, yellow, orange or red filters for black and white and 81A warming filter for colour, for me at least.

We still need polarisers and graduated filters from time to time. In reality, I almost never use a filter these days.
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Trial and error then i guess ,i like to use a CPL because i'm rubbish at photo editing and the like .

Thanks John



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melness wrote:
i like to use a CPL because i'm rubbish at photo editing and the like .

It doesn't matter if you're rubbish or not at editing, you just can't duplicate the effect of polarizing filter at all. So far, there is absolutely no way to eliminate flares or reflection in any editing software. Playing selectively with contrast and brightness can improve a picture, but it will never be as good as "the" filter.

P.S. Just noticed this is my 1500th post. Time to celebrate that milestone. Cheers!
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