Llyn Crafnant


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Hello All

Here are some photo's from the trip to Llyn Crafnant this morning, there are other from other locations but I have not reviewed those as yet and these will follow in a few days.

K5, Vivitar 28mm f2.8 mf lens, ND Grad(s) used for all except the branch (no.6) for which I used a polariser.

All processed from Raw.

C&C welcome


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Hi Stu,

That breeze stayed away so nice reflections. Looks like the cloud cover killed the sunrise lighting a little though?

Of the series I'd pick the first as my favourite, the lighting has a pleasant twilight sort of look to it and the compositions nicely balanced, might be tempted to crop it ever so slightly on the right to remove the half rock & left to remove some of the gravel - just a thought anyway.

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Thanks Simon

THere a number of items I was tempted to crop out or worse clone but decided to leave them as they are but I do see your point.

Very little breeze but the cloud cover came in earlier than expected but I suppose we couldn't and didn't expect perfect conditions
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Nice set of pictures Stu. Lovely exposures. Little bit of work still needed to some in the cropping and leveling depts. Maybe also try some not taken from eye level. Great job, from a lovely scene.
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Looks like you enjoyed yourself Stu!, nice set of images and third from last and the last one works well for me.

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Nice ones and a good day then Stu. ( How about that for a learned and helpful comment!!!)

So this wasn't you -




PS I'll have to do my best to make the Snowdon meet.
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Thanks Guys

Cliff, although it wasn't totally as planned it was worth it

Howard, that wasn't me, thankfullly, we were around Tryfan area, Llyn Idwal after Llyn Crafnant and the RAF were very busy then, the fuel bill for the helicopter yesterday must have been astonomic

Photo's from Llyn Ogwen and Llyn Idwal will follow when I get time - sadly not right now as I am in work


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A very nice set altogether. My favourites are number 1 + 2, I like the light and composition in these two especially well. For me as a Norwegian, the scenery looks almost like a fjord, but Llyn Crafnant is probably a lake...

I hope to get a chance to travel to Wales sometime in the future, based on these and other photos it seems like a country with magnificent scenery

Best regards



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Hi Stuey, the first and third from last are cracking shots which have a nice balanced feel to them, well done


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Thank you for the comments Guys

Bjorn, thank you for the kind comments, LLyn Crafnant is actually an old reservoir, closest option I suppose is a lake but I thought I would mention it to avoid being corrected

If you do visit Wales Bjorn there is a wide range of varying scenery without being too far apart, if you plan it well you will have quite a variety without too much travelling but the rain is warmer in the Summer months

Robin, thank you for your comment, my favourite is also number one

Thanks again all

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