Llangollen CTW 2017


Link Posted 03/07/2017 - 12:17
A lovely day weather-wise at Llangollen on Saturday, and a few photos from me. I've been suffering recently with some quite dark images, so I was hoping to overcome that. There's still something I can't put my finger on, having just looked at the images on the "Challenge" thread taken on a fixed-length lens with a 6mp camera I wonder whether I'm doing something badly in the taking, the processing, or the uploading, or quite what the issue is. There's just something about these images that lack the quality of those I just looked at.

1. Incoming at Berwyn

IMGP9557-proc by Mike Edwards, on Flickr

2. Berwyn and the Chainbridge Hotel

IMGP9534-proc by Mike Edwards, on Flickr

3. The Dee

IMGP9449-proc by Mike Edwards, on Flickr

4. Work in progress

IMGP9379-proc by Mike Edwards, on Flickr

I was quite pleased with the second image in terms of layout. I saw an image from someone else, either on here or on another photo forum, and the layout is very heavily based on that. Once you know the position it was taken from, though, it's such a natural spot to take a photo from. Unless you want to catch the train you're photographing, that is, in which case it's not so good.

I can't quite put in words what I mean about the difference in image quality, if anyone can see it and offer some advice that would be most appreciated. I'm using a Kx with a Sigma 18-200 zoom, and a polarising filter. I do a bit of work in a very old version of Photoshop, then reduce to 1024 width and upload to Flickr to host. I was doing stuff in Raw Therapee, but found it quite complex so I dropped it for these. The end results still had the same issues though.
Real name: Mike Edwards. My homage to seventies Vauxhalls: www.firenza.net

Camera - Pentax Kx, 18-55 kit lens, 18-200 Sigma, 50-500 Sigma, 500mm Tamron mirror
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