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I have had these lillies growing in pots for a few years now. I bring them indoors when they are blooming, sitting next to my chair in the living room - I love their smell.
Anyway I decided to shoot them today using my K1 and Kiron 105mm macro lens. For some reason I am not too enamoured by the result - I think both the images are rather too busy. Perhaps the first is somewhat better than the second. Do you agree?



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I prefer the first, the flower in the middle stands out more, cluttered ?maybe but I like it.
C&C welcome.


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Thanks Don and Maria for your comments.
The lens is brilliantly sharp and I love it. I am enjoying it more with the K1 since I get the correct focal length rather than the 150mm with the crop factor.


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I like these, yes, they're busy, but remain visually appealing. There's something almost fractal like about them.
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