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Mainly to use with my Rolleiflex T, but I might in future use it with my pentax w/studio lights, I was looking at the Gossen Digiflash or Digipro F, or Sekonic L308s (I've read threads on other forums suggesting the 358, but its out of my price range [under 120] really) I want to get something thats going to last a long time.. would a selenium cell meter be better or worse than digital?

Thanks if anyone can shed some light on the situation

Oh and im not dead & still shooting pentax, if anyone wondered about my absense just busy
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polaris flash meter.
I've had one for many years, and have tested it side by side with sekonic it is accurate.

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Selenium meters aren't as sensitive to low light as the more modern designs are (and of course they can't do flash), but having said that I use an Ikophot selenium meter with my Rolleicord and I've not had any cause for complaint. You can pick them up dirt cheap (~10-20 for a minty one) and I find it a very nice meter to use (better than any of the various Westons I've had pass through my hands).

If you're thinking of investing for the future (flash work) I'd say have a look at second hand Minolta models in the 120 range. They'll be a few years old by now but they're pretty much bullet proof and will probably still outlast anything you'd buy new at that price point.
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