let the games begin


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well the insurance company are playing up offering me a k50 and saying it will do the same as my grand prix


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Is that playing up? I speak as someone who had a K10 and who has had a K50.
If I'm honest I think that's not bad, K50 basic specs are better than K10 but then again everyone has their own preferences


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but when you have had it from new and it was then top off the range there should be a better offer on the table than that(you dont have a bentley and accept a nissan micra as a replacment would you)


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I don't disagree with your analogy but cars don't necessarily move on in leaps and bounds like digital cameras have done in the last few years- if they say similar then do they mean similar spec or do they actually mean similar as in you had a top of the range well replace with top of the range.
It's all words. The other thing is whatever the original value of the K10 (700ish? can't or won't remember) I suppose you'd be looking at a K5 ii perhaps. Good luck anyway


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thanks dave will need it as they are in the game of not paying lol
happy to take though


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At least they've made an offer- more than some of the buffers do


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If your insurance is a New for old like for like policy then what they should replace it with is the new equivalent of what you have NOT a lower model of the current range.

To my mind the new equivalent would be a special edition of the top of the range camera as was your camera - let's face it the K10d topped the range in it's day and the Grand Prix edition topped that effectively as a subsequent model.

A K50, whilst a great camera is not the top of the range as such - not taking anything from it, it lacks important feature as detailed below.

Your K10 has two dials not one and a top plate lcd, two things if you use and would not do without should entitle you to an equivalent model (the K50 is not this item so to speak), let's say a K3 (I can't recall the special edition version's name) or if you are happy with it a K5 variant, however this is not a 'special/ limited edition'

The K10 Grand Prix in it's day and probably now commanded/commands a premium above the base K10d.

Your insurer cannot ignore this fact as much as they would like to.

Personally, I would be happy with a K5, however, the true new for old, like for like is the special edition K3, if your policy states new for old and refers to a like for like then go for that - it is what you paid your premium for

At present we have some family business going on that is taking up our time, however, if you need a hand it could be a welcome distraction for me, however I may not be as prompt as usual in my responses.

Try cutting and pasting my message above in an email to them and add to the end 25 years experience, a law degree and a post graduate diploma in legal practice then advise them that if need be you will sign a disclaimer allowing me to assist you free of charge - I reckon you will have what you paid for sooner rather than later

No charge for advice or help from me.

A copy of your policy wording would be a good starting point for me to assist, and if they wish to pick a fight then I'll put my gloves on, then take them off



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Insurance companies often replace based on features, not place in the product line up. On paper the K-50 is a significant upgrade on many fronts. I would think a K-5, or K-5ii would be a more likely alternative fit perhaps? I think the K-5iis is the only one still actively available new?

The alternative option of a payout based on depreciation won't leave you with much.

It all really depends on the specific wording of your insurance policy.

The K-50 has two dials too by the way, and a 100% pentaprism viewfinder.

The top viewfinder seems an important feature, but it you ask owners of the K-50 it's quickly forgotten about. The rear screen is very clear, and conveys all the equivalent information plus more. You have to look down to see the top dial, and you have to do the same to see the rear screen only plus tilt the camera forward.

No saying the above doesn't apply though, it's a great offer of service Stu. All the best with the discussions.


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Whatever the rights ands wrongs of this offer I know which camera I would prefer; the K50, which is very similar to my K30, will out perform a K10 by a very large margin, above all in image quality.

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PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


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Point taken on the two dials I wa snot aware of this - and as mentioned above many insurers will try to match features - the problem being that many insurers will often try to ignore the specs that would cost them more and rely on others which do not.

Technology moves on at a frightening and enjoyable rate so many newer items if not all will outperform what went before, the point is as also mentioned by Richard and myself the policy wording is important.

I have no dount that the K50 will outperform the K10 and so it should, however in many ways it just comes down to you obtaining A) a replacement you are happy with and b) one that truly reflects the terms of your policy and a fair settlement.

Of course there will be c to z to consider which will vary - but if you get a) that does not fully match b) you may be willing to accpet it however, if you get b) which does not satisfy a) then you may have an issue.

My offer of help stands and bare in mind that not everything is set in stone even when in black and white on your policy, negotiation is a powerful tool.

Beware the 'opinion' of the insurers, usually their opinion matches a settlement that costs them less.

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Never take the first offer from insurance companies. They always try it on when I wrote of our car three years ago the first offer was pitiful.
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had a word with srs and in there opinion it should be the k3 premium to match the grand prix as they are limited additions


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I think they mean Limited Editions

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ithanks for putting me right Algi think you must have been talking to the wife lol


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Ha! Ha! reminds me of an old joke.......
"I haven't spoken to the wife for 7 years......
"She won't let me get a word in edgeways"

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