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I am selling my Pentax kit and have a few items left as the cameras were sold almost immediatley whilst I was away on a business trip.

I have:

Sigma 120-400mm DG HSM, a fantastic lens with a great minimum focusing distance of 150cm throughout the zoom range. I put this lens is on ebay yesterday. I want 510 plus 15 p&p. I bought this lens brand new in March '09. I loved it so much that I have bought it in a C***N fit as soon as I got my new camera.link

Sigma 17-70mm DC I have pilfered this description from WE as their description is better than mine
"The Sigma 17-70mm DC f2.8-4.5 is a large aperture standard zoom lens for digital SLR cameras. The lens is ideally suited for a wide variety of subjects and is designed specifically for digital SLR cameras featuring APS-C size image sensors. The super wide-angle capability of this zoom lens (equivalent range of approx. 27-112mm when used with a Canon digital SLR camera) makes it ideal as an everyday large-aperture lens. In addition, the maximum magnification of 1:2.3 also enables close-up photography. DC lenses are exclusively designed for digital SLR cameras."
This will be going on ebay tomorrow for approx 170 + 5 p&p

Sigma EF 500DG SUPER PA-PTTL Flashgun. I have hardly used this flashgun in the time that I have had it, I bought it 1 month after I bought my K20D. This is the gun with the new version of software so it can be used with all cameras. There was a compatability problem with the first batch as it could not be used with the K20D. I had to wait a month for it to be in stock.
Here is the link to the SRS website as they describe it better than I do: link
I would like 100 plus 5 p&p for this. It works as good as new but it does have a scratch or scuff on the back. It hasn't been dropped but it looks like it has been scuffed against a wall. It doesn't affect the lcd at all.

Lastly is my trusty Sigma 28-300mm Hyperzoom. This does not state DG version but obviously works very well with both SLR's & DSLR's. The lens is nice and compact and works really well as a walk arounder - new word there
Being so compact makes it a heavyish lens but it does look good and impressive attached to a good camera.
I would like 100 + 5 p&p for this.

The 120-400mm & 17-70mm come boxed, the 120-400mm has the soft case and straps in the box. Both lenses have had a filter attached since new, these are not supplied as they are now on my C***n equivalents.

The Flashgun is also boxed and comes with stand for wireless work and soft case.

The 28-300mm is not boxed neither does it have a rear cap. it was attached to my K10D most of the time so the cap has walked off in a huff! It does though have a UV filter attached as well as a front cap.

The prices stated is what I would really like for them as I have to make as much money as I can. I have tried to be as competitive as I can. I will be willing to knock off the p&p for PU members only, ie not for ebay.
If you would like to make an offer for any of the items then please feel free, sensible offers only though. All items will go on ebay tomorrow
Items will be sent via Royal Mail SD which should be with you by 1pm next day.
Payment is either by PayPal (no fees from buyer, I don't believe in charging more) or chq, chq's will need to be cleared in my account first.
I will only send via Special Delivery as I want items tracked and insured.

Please also note that I do not send abroad, but please PM me if you are really interested and I will consider it.

Any other questions then please ask or PM me.



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Sigma 120-400mm & Sigma 17-70mm are now sold

Other 2 are going on ebay tomorrow as I didn't get around to putting anything on.



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PM Sent
K7, Sigma 10-20mm,DA 21,40,70mm Limited,DA* 55mm,DA* 16-50mm,DA* 50-135mm,Sigma 105mm macro,Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 HSM,Manfrotto 055cxpro4,Gitzo 1780QR,Metz 58


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Damn i missed out on the 17-70 grr oh well will keep looking
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Hi Paul,

Sigma 17-70 arrived today. All in great condition and I'm VERY pleased with it. Can't wait to get snapping.


K-5, Sigma 17-70 DC, FA 50 1.7, DA 50-200 & Metz 58AF-1.
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