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Andrew Cunnington

Link Posted 13/01/2004 - 16:28

I'm currently considering buying an *ist D. I don't have any existing lenses so I wanted to know more about them. Is there a website that lists compatable leneses - hopefully one that includes reviews and side by side comparisons with other compatable brands? I would only be interested in the newer AF lenses, but I realise that with the recent firmware many more lenses are 'compatable' at a basic level.

Does such a site exist?

many thanks,



Link Posted 13/01/2004 - 17:46
Hi Andrew,

There are some scattered reviews.
Check these out for starters:
http://www.photodo.com/ (mostly older lenses)

I too have the *istD and find that the AT-X range Tokina lenses are very nice indeed - the 24-200mm is a very useful brute. All are large though, with whopping 72mm filters. They review well too The more expensive Pentax lenses are also lovely - but you'll have to pay for them! Some Sigmas are okay too, although not as well built as the Pentax and Tokinas.

Hope this helps!
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Link Posted 14/01/2004 - 16:20
I have found this useful:

I have mainly been shooting digital for the last couple of years (with a Fuji), and using my Z1-P with a Sigma zoom when I do shoot film (usually slides).

Yesterday I got some prints back from the local processor. My wife (no photographer!) had borrowed my old Super A and 50mm 1.7 for a trip to New York and came back with stunningly sharp, flare/distortion-free pics with high contrast and lovely colours. She managed to focus them, too, and the camera exposed perfectly, despite the conditions. In New York, everything is generally either brightly-lit or in dark shadows.

The results from the Sigma zoom looked terrible by comparison. I had never appreciated how big the quality difference was between a rather so-so zoom and an excellent prime.

Sod the convenience. I'm going back to prime lenses or very highly rated zooms with a small zoom range. Thank you, Pentax, for increasing the usability of M lenses on the *ist D.

Andrew Cunnington

Link Posted 15/01/2004 - 09:33
Thank you very much for the replies - between the sites you list I can find what I need to make an informed decision.
I especially like 'stans' site.

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