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Hi guys my new K5 and kit lens has just arrived my first Pentax camera coming from olympus I am very very pleased Q by default lens correction is off should I turn in on and any other help with settings would be helpful thanks in advance Paul
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Lens correction will compensate for lens distortions with Pentax lenses, certainly when using JPEG capture. Not sure about any effect on RAW capture.

It will increase the delay between shots though as the processing takes time.
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Thanks John new learning curve for me coming from olympus as I always shoot raw I will keep it off thanks for help and for a helpful and friendly forum Paul
A question is only easy when you know the answer ..


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I don't know about the K-5, but on the K-30/K-50 the Chromatic Aberration correction doesn't cause slowdowns but the Distortion one does.


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For JPEG capture - any settings activated are processed and 'edited in' to the JPEG. Activated settings (such as distortion / CA corrections, high ISO noise reduction, shadow correction & highlight adjustment) all add to the time it takes to display the review image on the rear screen. They do not affect burst shooting rates, only the time it takes to display the final image of the burst at the end.

For RAW capture - any activated settings are stored in the file as metadata. They will also add to the review image display time, but only because this is a small embedded JPEG in the RAW which the camera will process and 'edit in' the various settings, so taking the extra time for that.

Custom image settings, white balance fine tuning or exposure compensation setting changes will not add anything to the processing or review image disaply times.

For RAW shooting I believe there is no point in activating any of these correction settings - they will just slow down the image display. The data will not be read and acted upon by software other than Pentax Digital Camera Utility. If you use PDCU then it takes almost no time to make the settings in the software anyway, so not worth slowing down the display on the camera.
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Whether to leave lens correction on or not depends to some extent what you are taking. Architectural shots will highlight distortion so it helps to have it turned on whereas a photo of a forest will not really benefit at all.
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