Left my bag in a cab


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Hi All,
I have a tale of (largely self inflicted) woe... managed to leave my K-R in a cab on Friday night, along with my beloved Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens.
Hopefully it'll end up in the TFL lost property office sooner or later and there'll be a happy reunion, but if not, I'd very much appreciate everyone keeping an eye out for someone selling a:

Black Pentax K-R, serial number 4028832
Sigma 30mm F1.4 in Pentax fit, serial number 11591074

I'm happy to pay a reward to anyone that manages to track these two down.



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Have you tried contacting the cab office to see if the driver was honest enough to hand it in there?


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Sorry to read, but see my Lead to Deals if you want a replacement!
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I would hazard a guess that you were 'in the influence' then if so you only have yourself to blame!
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Hi Steven,
The problem is being a London black cab there isn't really any way to find out if it went back to a cab office or what- my understanding is they can be run by pretty much anyone that has the license.

Johnx, that's a good spot, although doesn't seem to be one local to me (and can't see an option to order online)?

To be honest, right now I'm sort of in no-man's land. Can't really buy myself a new one in case the old one does show up (Lost property office takes up to 21 days to process claims... possibly more with it being Christmas) so I suppose right now I'm hoping that I'll get some good news, and failing that Pentax will have an exciting announcement in January.

Fortunately I still have my K5, but I really had fallen very much in love with the Sigma 30mm. Hopefully my 67 DA 35mm will ease the heartbreak.


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Timothy - with you being in W2, there's a chance that if you were heading out of central London, and the timing was right for the cabbie, he might have driven in the direction of Heathrow to cash in on some unsuspecting tourists. See if you can get a number for the cab office on the Northern Perimeter Road. If they can't help you directly, maybe they can point you in the right direction.


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Hope it works out well for you.
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Was it a com cab or radio cab because use could stop one and ask them to put it out amongst the others and this may help you track this down.

If not try calling around the cab hirers such as Stable Taxis, Ascott Cab co etc as they are generally a decent bunch.

If you happen to know the approximate age of the cab let me know and I will ask about as I have contact with these fellas on a regular basis through work and the age of a cab will help narrow this down as some have newer fleets than others.

If it was an owner driver then things will be more difficult.

Let me know if you have any more info and I will make an enquiry or two for you as i speak to many of the operators on a day to day basis.


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Sorry to read this Tim I can only wish you luck in your gear being returned to you very soon.wish I could do more but will at least keep my open for your gear

Good luck and I hope to see you and your gear reunited in the near future

Kind Regards
All the best



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Commiserations, Tim. Good luck finding it. Can't imagine anyone here would be interested in a reward if it meant reuniting you with the gear.
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I think I'm right in saying that (if a driver is honest) property lost in a black cab should be handed into a police station who should forward it to Transport For London lost property. Worth contacting them but I would guess it takes a few days to end up there.

Hope you gear makes it's way back to you.
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I am not sure if Transport for London's lost property section is the same as the Public Carriage Office's (PCO) lost property section if not it would be worth contacting the PCO as well
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ChrisA wrote:
Commiserations, Tim. Good luck finding it. Can't imagine anyone here would be interested in a reward if it meant reuniting you with the gear.

Agree totally with Chris on the reward point
All the best



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Thanks for kind words and tips everyone.

All of my research seems to suggest that it should get back to the TFL lost property office via the police- and the driver is entitled to a reward as part of that system, so hopefully it'll go that way and I'll get word sooner or later.

I've also logged the kit lost on immobilise.com, which seems a fairly widely used service.

Thanks again all.


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I wouldn't loose hope too soon 99.999% of people are honest.

I left my camera bag on a train which I exited in Vienna. I didn't realise until the following day (I thought my wife was carrying it). Went to the local police station (on a Sunday) where they spent absolutely ages ringing around. They eventually told me that I had to go to the final destination of the train (It had Budapest on the front board, so I feared the worse) to pick it up, but happily found this meant Vienna Nord, the final station in Austria.

It cost me 15 schillings to retieve it (no one would accept a reward)

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