Kingfisher K3 and K5


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Here are pics of a Kingfisher, with the K3 and the K5.

Pics have been processed individually. No attempt to equalise their settings

They were both taken within 2 minutes of each other. On the same stick. Images have been re-sized to try and get the bird to be about the same size in each.

I've also shown the uncropped version of the K3 image. While the K5 settings were initially set for sunlight with a high shutter speed, so I also have a shot from the K5, this time at 500mm, with the ISO at 20,000

The K3 pic is with the DA300 f4 ISO640 at 1/200 sec

The K5 pic is with the Siggy 150-500 @ 400mm f8 ISO1,600 at 1/80 sec

K3 and DA300

K5 and Sigma 150-500 @400mm

K3 and DA300 uncropped

K5 and Sigma 150-500 @ 500mm. ISO 20,000




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Great shots and an interesting comparison. I presume this required days of scouting out locations and many hours of sitting patiently in a hide?

K3ii, DA16-85, DA35mm Limited, FA77mm Limited, 55mm f1.8 K, 135mm f3.5 M, DA300, DA 1.4 HD TC,
DA16-45, Sigma 15mm f2.8. Cosina 100mm f3.5 macro


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Thanks Paul, in this case just some local knowledge, a bit of luck and 3 hours in a hide.

A pair of kingfishers have been visiting this location for quite a while. Unfortunately out of reach. So, I took my Pentax Q as per my thread for yesterday. I managed a moorhen shot, but when the female kingfisher appeared the shot wasn't up to scratch.

Thankfully she came a bit closer, but you can see from the uncropped shot, she was still some distance away



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I was in the river outside my house last weekend - clearing rubbish when one of several local Kingfishers came flying down the river with fish in beak and settled on a branch about 1.5 metres in front of my face. Was just about to eat the fish when it realised I was there! We have two or three families of them and will often see several sitting over the water. Unfortunately the background is awful, or I would need to shoot through glass.


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Thanks Alan,

Very nice comparison between the 300mm crop and the Sigma. Even on a good monitor though judging the image quality in this Forum at 800 pixels is very limiting.

Us mere mortals with 55 - 300 DA lenses would have been very excited to capture such a shot but more than a little disappointed when they zoomed in. I must get on with saving up for the 300 star.


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I know this is an older post. But can't help being hugely impressed by the crop from the K3 & da300 combo! How is the AF of that combo with moving birds?


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The last one shows just how good the K5 is at high ISO, I'd hate to see a K3 shot at 20,000 ISO
....and yes I have both cameras, before you ask
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