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Hello all,

I finally purchased my first ever slr camera about two months back, a Pentax k-x, and I'm absolutely LOVING it!!! I recently purchased a 50mm 1.7 manual lens as I only had the 18-55mm kit lens, and I'm really loving the results I get with that. I've been posting my images on my Flickr page, but thought I would post a few of them here as well.

This thread will mainly be my nature pics.

Your comments are most welcome. I hope you like them.


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Kev, with that 50mm lens set at F/1.7 you can get some very lovely effects on foliage, stalks and stems.
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#2 and 3 for me Kev. The water on the leaves is a classic shot and very well executed.

The depth of field in #3 is well carried out with the subject sharp in the frame.

Just a point, resizing to 800x600 before posting gives the best image size for these threads.
Cheers, HG

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Thanks for posting Kev - I really like 2 & 3 for the same reasons.


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Thanks for the shots, I have one of these lenses and love using it.
No's 2 & 3 for me for the same reasons above

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lovely shots
i like no 3 and 4, love the color!

learning in progress...



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Thanks everyone for the comments. Everywhere else that I've posted my images no1 seems to get the most attention, whereas here nobody has chosen it. Glad to see my other work getting some love

Thanks for the image size tip, HG, I'll be sure to remember that.

I've been playing around with the F/1.7 quite a bit, pauly, and LOVE the results that I get. That was one of the main attractions for me in getting that lens. I now use this lens 90% of the time.

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Thanks for the heads-up on the comp, Gareth, I will certainly have a look at that.
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Yes, it's a nice set but number 3 is the standout for me as well! Good use of the vignette, nice colours and interesting composition. No real focal point but my eye doesn't seem to mind. Would like to see it bigger!
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Thanks, Tim. I really seem to be favouring compositions that have a little more to them, I'm trying to push myself creatively with my shots. If you would like to see it bigger, here is the link to the shot on my flickr page:

no3 bigger

All the best,
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Here are a few more from this 'pink' set:

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thoughton wrote:
Yes, it's a nice set but number 3 is the standout for me as well! Good use of the vignette, nice colours and interesting composition. No real focal point but my eye doesn't seem to mind. Would like to see it bigger!

I agree, number three from the first set and I like all of the second set but number seven stands out the most to me.

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Thanks, PaulM. The pics from the second set are all from the same session. This hedge is in my back garden, I woke up one morning to all of this dew glistening on the hedge with a bright blue sky in the background and the sun shining through at a nice low angle, it was the perfect opportunity to get out there for half an hour. I'm really pleased with most of the shots.

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There is a similar pohotos from K-x:

1) link

2) link

3) link

4) link

5) link

6) link

7) link

7a) link
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