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Seen the k5 for sale on the classifieds section..

I've got a K30 that I get on well with. Does the k5 have anything to offer or any neat tricks to make it worthwhile 'upgrading' (if indeed it is an upgrade)

I'd be getting a marginally better burst rate, iso range and a few other minor inconsequentials spec wise.

Doubt the images are going to change much (if at all)

Anybody used both with any feel for the little things you can't find out by reading reviews or comparing specs?


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One other thing to consider is that AFAIK the K5 is not at risk from aperture block failure.


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The K-5 has front and rear Infra red ports and is more of a pro body.
Top LCD plate.
Does the K-30 have the Green Button?


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The k-30 is noticeably lighter than the K-5 (and even more so than the K-3 variants), and (being a more modern design!) has a more modern user interface - I stopped using my K-5 after I got the K-30 and K-3, where the inteface is relatively similar (lack of top LCD screen apart), and, IMHO, more "user friendly".

Also, I think the K-30 (K-50) "out of the box" images (jpegs at least) are a lot more "vivid" than the K-5 due to the way Pentax "set the numbers".

BTW, the K-30/K-50 aperture block failure issue is well known and documented, as are the various remedies (mine is now fixed, even though it had never actually failed - use it very regularly to prevent failure is the common advice, and I do ).
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Yeah the k30 failure issue was in my mind a touch

If the k5 compares well then the upgrade cost is less than the cost of repair I imagine

Re the comment k5 is more of a pro body, lcd display aside what does that get you?


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don't know what the K30 is like in low light to focus but the K5 is very good if you do that sort of thing, better than the K3ii in my opinion (using same lenses)
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