K5 & SD card removal


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Definitely not as easy as on the K20D/K10D, but I don'thave a problem now I've got used to it on the K-5.
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This came up a few weeks ago , so clearly some folk find it tricky and some don't I found that some cards are thicker than others , also how often do you need remove the card from the camera? ...jeff...


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But isn't this what we get for such a neat compact body

It can be done on the Q and we don't get much smaller than that. It just needs a minor redesign.

how often do you need remove the card from the camera?

Every time we transfer our images to the pc. Like many people, we use card readers and rotate cards. But then we do shoot a lot of images.
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This was a problem I mentioned to SRS (Chris) when I bought my K5 and I thought it was a problem with my camera. Having checked others in the shop and found them to be the same, we put it down to a 'design feature'.

The card fits more tightly in to the slot on the K5.

I still find it more difficult to extract the SD card from the K5 than I do the K20D.
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I see what you mean john, I only use two cards one for everyday use, and one for special projects or a reserve. I don't use a card reader so one card can stay in the camera for months . I use Iphoto and the photos are transfered very quickly from the camera to laptop ... this system works great for me but would not work for a pro shooter or anyone with lots of RAW images ... jeff...


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If you fill the card with pictures the extra weight
causes it to pop out
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I have found a possible solution to this problem, I use a Micro SD in an adaptor,on my K5, easy to take the card out of the adaptor, leaving the adaptor in the camera.
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Join the club mate. My big clumsy fingers hate the lack of room available to them. Some days I think I'll never get hold of the card but other days it comes out like magic.
And yeah, I've nearly resorted to tweezers on the bad days but I'm stubborn & just keep fumbling.


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It is a fiddle, so I tend to leave the card in and download by usb cable.
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