K30 battery life "heads up"


Link Posted 02/04/2013 - 23:00
You may recall when the K30 first appeared there was a lot of conjecture about battery life. I found it ok and never really bothered as I always carry a couple of spares and have the AA cradle as well. But for my trip to Iceland I knew that battery performance deteriorated with temperature so bought a set of Energiser Li AA batteries. They have been in the camera now for three weeks including the shooting in temperatures as low as -8C and mostly below zero. I have taken about 500 shots and done a fair bit of reviewing and a small amount of Live View shooting. They are still showing fully charged green! Another Pentax ist user had to borrow my spare Eneloops after their rechargeables packed up after 10 mins. Amazing!
So worth considering if you have extreme conditions or need extra number of shots. Downside cost a fiver but for a once in a lifetime moment......
PS The K30 dealt with being sprayed from a waterfall in a 45 mph at -5C wind with the droplets freezing at times no problem.


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My brother-in-law managed over 1200 shots with the Lithium batteries that came with his K-x, so Lithium AA cells do seem to be the best option.
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I use Ni-MH AA's mostly but they certainly do not like the cold. I am not aware of any other cameras that gives the options for batteries that Pentax give. A real plus point in Pentax's favour.
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I'm still using the 2 batteries that came with my K-30. As long as I have fully charged ones I'm reasonably happy.

My K-x was always used with Lithium Energisers - got fantastic use out of them [ I was shooting in RAW and reckoned on 1000+ without having to watch the indicator ] and I have a set of unused ones still in the house so they are in my camera bag - as a just-in-case measure
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I also still use the 2 batteries that came with my K30. I simply recharge them as needed - and it hasn't proved to be a problem so far. I also carry an AA converter and 12 charged Uniross Hybrios but haven't yet felt the need to use them.

I really don't think battery life is a significant issue for the K30.

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