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I have a basic question. If I purchase the Pentax 360 flash .. do I need to get anything else to go wireless. From reading the documentation (newbie), am I right correct that all the 'wireless' bits are already built into the K200D ... and if I making the relevant settings on the camera, that's basically it?



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That's right, you won't need any other gizmos, Hiljon. The 360 is triggered "wirelessly" by the built-in camera flash. The on-camera flash communicates exposure information to the 360. It works this way with the K10D/GX10 and K20D/GX20, so I assume it will also work with the K200D. Your camera manual should confirm this (or not). You just set both the camera and flash to wireless mode. I'm sure Mattmatic will be along at some point with the definitive answer. The wireless function and high-speed synch were the two main selling points for me with the 360.

Good luck

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Al has pretty much said it all
The 'wireless' is not radio, but light - the popup flash does the communication. The AF360 also has two modes of slave - either P-TTL compatible or "dumb". The dumb mode allows sync to basic flashguns, and under certain circumstances allows syncing to other makes of camera.

As far as dSLR bodies go, here's a quick summary (purely from memory, so there may be omissions!):
*ist-D - supported full wireless and wireless HS (high speed). Also supports older TTL guns as well as P-TTL
*ist-Ds - no wireless, but supports TTL + P-TTL
K10D, K20D, K200D, K7 - supports wireless from popup(but not HS). HS mode supported with flash on the body. Wireless HS mode supported with two flashguns (ie one on body, one or more as slaves).
Others - no wireless support with pop-up. You need two flashguns for these.

The wireless flash is handy. However, it's worth mentioning that if you are looking for 'studio-type' shots where everything is under your control, and where the conditions don't change, then you can also consider using the cheap and readily available "PC" style connectors and cables - you can also use really old, cheap flashguns too

I find I use HS mode more than wireless - HS allows fill in flash in daylight conditions. Great for kids outdoors etc!

Hope that helps!
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Thank you so much for your reply. Very much appreciated.
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