K10D or KM (K2000)


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I'm totally new to DSLR's but have firmly decided that I want a Pentax. Like most people money is an issue. I'd been hoping to pick up a K10D with kit lens on ebay for about 250 but I just keep missing them.

I'm frustrated that I can't get my hands on a camera and so I'm considering throwing caution to the wind and going for a brand new KM. Argos are selling them brand new with kit lens for 329 which is considerably over my budget

My question is; asking the sway of public opinion, is the KM that much more of a better camera than the K10D. From what I've read the K10D is almost legendary in it's features and build quality. I have heard though that the KM is better suited to beginners.

I'm just not sure what to do; keep my patience and hold off for a K10D and then not feel too guilty about buying some cheap additional manual lenses or buying the KM and trying to then hide the cost from my wife and not being able to buy any lenses.


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Wait for the K10, and dont feel guilty, you will enjoy your photography much more.

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Yes the K-M is more suited for beginners since the K10D has more options and less automatic modes but when you past a certain point in which you begin to understand all the basics then the K10D would be a great camera.
In the end it comes down to what you want.

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Agreed Stefan, think the thing is Phill you may have to pay over the 250, but at least once you`ve got it a good one should last you a few years before you yearn for the K7, or whatever comes next.

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P_H_I_L_L wrote:
I have heard though that the KM is better suited to beginners.

Only because of its scene modes (Landscape, Portrait, etc), but you really don't need these once you have learnt a few basics of photography. Meanwhile, the K10D has a couple of fully automatic modes for you to use straight away (Green and P).

The K10D has more dials and buttons, a top LCD panel for info, as well as a better viewfinder.


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you have a PM.

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Thank you everyone for helping me make a decision. I'm now waiting for my newly purchased Samsung GX10.

I'm right in thinking it's essentially the same as a Pentax K10D, just rebadged with square buttons and a different GUI 220 including delivery with the kit lens, that's not too bad is it?

I'm thinking about getting some older manual lenses, or as a novice should I
use the money I've saved on the camera and get an auto 50mm prime. (that may or may not sound like I know what I'm talking about, but in doing my research a 50mm prime with a 2.4f aperture or wider is the most sort after?

EDIT: Also, is there a way from looking at the name what type of lens it is? Auto or manual, correct mount for K10D etc.
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The GX10 and K10D are the same, with some minor differences to the menu system.

First you need to get to grips with the camera and its kit lens, which may be the 18-55mm? When you have used this for a while you will start to realise what should be the next lens. Perhaps you'll find that you like shooting sports or wildlife, so you might want a long lens.

If studio portraiture is your thing you could look for a fast 50mm, although TBH the 18-55mm will serve perfectly well for this also.

Perhaps a wider lens for architecture and landscape? And so on...but first, don't dazzle yourself with too much information until you feel comfortable with the camera and its supplied lens.
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Yes, perhaps I should learn to walk before running Thanks again for the advice.


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Another difference between the Samsung and the Pentax is that the Samsung has only the DNG format for RAW images instead of PEF as well. DNG is larger, but otherwise is not usually a problem.

is there a way from looking at the name what type of lens it is? Auto or manual, correct mount for K10D etc.

There is with Pentax brand lenses, but it's rather a long list of name prefixes to type out in full, so I won't now.

Basically all the moden Pentax and Pentax-fit auto-focus lenses are fully auto and fully compatible with your camera.

For older Pentax lenses, the "F" and "FA" series (written as "Pentax-F and Pentax-FA") are fully auto. The "A" series is auto-exposure but not auto-focus. The "M" and "K" series are fully manual and only partly compatible.


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Thanks Pete, that helps a lot.


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Phill good luck with your new camera

You are truly in the right place for guidance and advice I have found it full of great advice and kind and helpful people that truly want the best for it's members and on a small note my photography has improved as a result of this forum

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